Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Months and Baptism

Happy 4 months to this girl:

Oh, Evie, girl, you really live up to your middle name. You are such a joy. You smile and laugh all the time! You love your big sister and are content to just sit and watch Belle run around.

You are beginning to not just sleep wherever I want you to. I still have to transition you to your crib, and I hope by 5 months you will easily be there. We tried today and you cried all day. We will get there. You aren't in our room, but you like to lay in your swing in your room (with it off). The crib is just a little too flat for you I think.

We celebrated your baptism this week. Your Bepa Thompson baptized you and it was awesome. We all promise to pray for you and make sure you know about your Creator and that you are loved. Your Creator loves you unconditionally. The whole family was there, as well as all of our greatest friends. You are sure one popular kid.

Thank you for being such a great little girl :-)

Friday, March 2, 2012


Thought I would quick check in. It's been awhile since I last wrote.

This house is a bit sleep deprived. We finally decided to give Belle melatonin as a last resort to get her to sleep and it's been a life saver, however, we are now fighting an awful cough that keeps her up :(. Poor girl is so sick. Needless to say, Paul and I are up about 5-6 times a night between the two girls. Someday we will sleep well again, right?

On a positive note, Belle is a potty-training champ. She is all about her "big girl panties," and most of her accidents are due to me not being proactive enough to get her on the toilet. She has even begun to wake up from her naps with dry pull-ups! Today was a break through in the #2 department! For awhile she would ask to put a pull-up on when she had to do that business, but tonight Paul convinced her (and we bribed her with telling her we would buy her new squinkies) and she was on the toilet! Success! Who would have ever thought I would be jumping around with excitement over a 2 year old and the toilet?

It's the small things that are really the big things :)