Sunday, September 27, 2009

11 Days In

So, Paul and I have been parents for 11 days. It has been extremely rewarding, yet extremely difficult. We have had a few sleepless nights and days where we look at each other and know that we are both running on fumes. Either way, it's amazing how it's all totally worth it and you somehow love why you are staying up late and changing poopy diapers :-)

Belle has already changed so much since the day she debuted into this world. Her hair is still crazy and all over and we love it! We have received many bows as gifts since she was born :-) Something about all that hair makes everyone want to put a bow in it!

I am braving taking her out and praying that she doesn't lose her mind while I am out to lunch with a friend or at the mall with my mom. So far, she has done pretty good and it helps me build my confidence. It's hilarious how someone so little dictates so much of my life right now. I keep reminding myself that it's okay if she cries in public and that it really only bothers me and not those around me (I think!).

Below are pics of her first bath and other random ones we have taken recently. We love her to pieces and love learning new things about her each day. We can't wait till she gets more interactive, but at this point we are enjoying our little newborn.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Isabelle Mae is Here!

Belle has finally arrived and Paul and I are on cloud nine! She is beautiful and we are completely amazed by her. I figured that I needed to update our blog about everything.

Tuesday I was having contractions all day, but they didn't hurt too bad. The nurse told us to go in and get checked, but unfortunately they sent us home at 11:30 at night and they also gave me two Ambiens to sleep. The Ambien basically drugged my up and I was high as all get out! I seriously stumbled up the stairs to our bedroom and was so out of it. Paul told me that I was acting really loopy! I am not sure why they gave me two Ambien, but I don't think I will ever take the stuff for as long as I live. The entire beginning to my labor is a bit of a blur.

I woke up at 1:45am with horrible contractions and my water broke at 2:00. We went into the hospital. I had about an hour or so of hard contractions and then they gave me my epidural. Let me tell you, it was the most amazing feeling ever! Haha, thank the Lord for drugs! I was able to get some sleep and around 6:30am they told me I was dilated to 9cm and was going to push soon. Talk about moving fast! 7:10 we started pushing and 7:50 Belle came!

She has a FULL head of hair and a good set of lungs on her (that must take after me). The labor and delivery went awesome and smoothly. Belle weighed 7lbs 13 ounces and was 19 inches long. Paul and I are two proud parents and we are amazed at the work of God. I am in awe how he can create a tiny person and put all of their organs, body parts, and even their personality altogether so perfectly.

Since being home we are learning the ins and outs of parenthood. I have personally struggled with the normal hormonal things and just strugging to take care of a newborn while my body is healing. Paul has been my saving grace. Belle had a rough first night, but we are learning what things work and what things don't work. I am sure this is much of the entire journey of parenthood.

Below are some pics of are little peanut. She is seriously my favorite thing ever.

Haha, this is how she ends up when we put her in her swing. Apparently she must like to be all scrunched up!
Rock Star

Friday, September 4, 2009

40 Weeks

Well, today is the official day that Paul and I have been anxiously due date. However, a due date does not mean that we have a baby. I had a doctor appointment this morning that went well, and my body is progressing into labor, but I still have no quite hit those strong contractions.

Next week we have an appointment to do the non-stress test, and then we will have an ultrasound done. This makes me extremely excited. I would rather meet Isabelle in person before this, however, it gives me something to look forward to next week if I haven't already had her. The nurse told me that an ultrasound at this stage can show how much hair she has and really show what her face looks like. I think that is amazing!

We are anxiously awaiting Belle's arrival, but we know that she will be here shortly. It is so bizarre to think that our lives are going to completely flip around and revolve around one small being. We are excited, but nervous at the same time. There is so much unexpected and uncertainty.

At this point, we are praying God gives me patience to make it through however long this waiting game lasts. My pregnancy has been a wonderful experience so far, but these last few weeks are taking a toll on my body. I am a bit more sore, sleeping is more difficult, and my mind is going nuts on whether the feelings in my belly are contractions or just her moving!