Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here Goes Nothing

So much has been happening lately! I feel like there is so much to share.

Ever since Evie was born I have been experiencing a lot of odd symptoms. I have been suffering from migraines, heart palpitations, numbness and tingling, vertigo, and auras. Scary stuff, huh? I had been ignoring these symptoms for awhile hoping they would go away, but they have not. From the urging of my sister, I finally called the doctor. First, I was tested for Graves Disease, which was ruled out, and then sent to get an MRI to check for multiple sclerosis, tumors, or an aneurysm. Side note- I wasn't too scared for the MRI, but once in I thought I was going to have a panic attack! I anxiously waited for the results and drove myself a little nuts with the "what ifs" if something came back I didn't want to hear. Thankfully, results came back normal! At this point the doctor believes I have atypical migraines, but we will discuss it more next week. Either way, the scary stuff has been ruled out!

In other news, I have decided to attempt to run a 5k. If you know me, you may have just fallen off your chair or laughed out loud. Don't worry, I am still laughing at this new endeavor. This has come about from a bit of fear from this health stuff, as well as a challenge to myself.

The fact is that I am not a health nut, nor even the slightest bit worried about working out and healthy eating. I know this is not good. I am an example to my daughters and need to teach them that it is important to take care of your body....for health reasons, not necessarily just for vanity. I like to eat fries way more than I like to eat celery. In fact, eating healthy makes me crabby. I have also never really desired to work out. I feel it takes too much time and far too much energy. I really hate anything that hurts!

So why do a 5k? I am turning 29 next week. Clearly I am not getting any younger. I am also not getting any healthier by doing nothing. Running a 5k would prove it to myself that I can actually do something I hate, and maybe I might start to like it (ha! I hope)!! I plan on doing the Bridge Run on September 16th. The goal is to complete. I have no time goal, and really just want to cross the finish line before I die.

I'll keep ya updated on my progress. Here goes nothing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

7 Months and Father's Day

Okay, I am definitely late on this post, but better late than never right?

Our sweet Evie is 7 months old, and this has been a month of milestones!  First, Evie decided to roll over.   Then she decided to sit up!  She is far from crawling (I hope!), but seems more than content sitting in front of a pile of toys.

Evie still proves to be one easy baby.  She laughs at everything, especially when she is really tired!  We are working on moving her from 3 naps down to 2....some days are better than others.

She is for sure sleeping through the night consistently!  This is a major major plus!  Belle took MUCH longer to sleep through the night, but Evie seems to have finally been able to do this regularly.  This makes a huge difference!

Baby food seems to be going well still.  She LOVES sweet potatoes, and would eat them all day every day, although I have found ways to hide green beans, peas, and spinach so she gets a few green veggies in her diet.

Evie is very entertained by her sister.  Belle can make her laugh in an instant.  She is more than content watching her run around the house.  Belle is so good with her too.  She gives her toys to play with and I often catch her randomly giving Evie kisses.  Melt my heart!

I am amazed at how fast things have gone and cannot believe that Ev is closer to a one year old than a newborn!  She has a smile that lights up a room and a laugh that is infectious.  She is definitely a baby with loads of personality!

This past Sunday was Father's Day and this family has a lot to be thankful for.  Paul is one amazing dad.  He handles two young girls quite well.  He has done Belle's hair on many occasions (and not too bad I might add), has finally accepted all of the pink in our home, and loves on Belle and Evie like crazy.  I love to watch him interact with the girls and I am so thankful for a man that is so involved in the lives of his kids.  We thought we would show him our appreciation with a special picture just for him.

A HUGE thank-you to Ann Jansen for taking these beautiful pictures.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I Have Learned

I was rather unsure how I would manage to children, or how it would be different, but life at this point feels normal and like it has always been like this. Evie is approaching 7 months, and I feel that being a mama of two so far has taught me a few things. I'll probably have more to this when Evie turns a year, but for now I want to document while I am thinking of it. So here goes:

  1. While making baby food today for Evie, I was irritated that I didn't make baby food for Belle. This is merely for the fact that it is SO easy and SO much cheaper than buying the pre made stuff.  
  2. I am constantly in shock of how the same two people could produce children which such different personalities. 
  3. A crying baby is so much easier to tune out the second time around. 
  4. Each milestone with the second is just as exciting with the first. 
  5. I realize how bored Belle must have been as an infant with only me to look at during the day. Evie is forever laughing at Belle and watching her. 
  6. You forget so much. Seriously, I can't believe how many times I called my sisters asking them when Evie should be doing certain things, or needing a refresher on sleep training, nursing, introducing food, etc. 
  7. I don't know what I did with my time when I JUST had Belle. Seriously, she didn't make messes for the first year of her life, so what was I doing at home all day?!?! (Probably crocheting. Seriously.) 
  8. The one on one time I get with Belle here and there is so much fun. She is really my little buddy. It's hard to give her this when Evie is up. Making special time for my oldest must be a priority. 
  9. Diapers are annoying to begin with, and now they are doubly annoying. Thank goodness Belle is basically potty trained and we only use two diapers for her a day (nap and bedtime)
  10. I took a lot of naps when I just had Belle. I would often nap when she was napping. Evie came along and now my bed misses me. 
  11. You do things out of survival and care less if it's the "right way." If it keeps your sanity, then it is the right way. No judging.
  12. Time goes so quickly! I honestly feel like Belle's first year didn't go this quickly. Maybe it felt longer because it was such a huge learning curve, and because I could focus on just her. Holy moly, I CANNOT believe Evie is almost 7 months old! 
  13. I thought I would always have distinct memories of Belle at every stage. I don't. I am so thankful I took videos of her. Needless to say, I record the girls at least twice a week. I want to remember. 
  14. Belle's age makes me want 10 more kids. Evie's makes me overwhelmed when I think of more. The baby stage is tough. It's physically exhausting. I keep reminding myself that this stage is so short in comparison to the rest of their lives. 
  15. Most importantly, I am learning that I CAN Do this, and I AM doing this, and (most days) I really really enjoy this mom thing. 

I realize that I like to write blog posts that are lists. Clearly it helps me organize my thoughts. I need that! :). I'm sure I have a million more things I've learned, but I don't have the energy to think of more.  Now time for wine and popcorn!