Friday, December 30, 2011


I am at my wits end with Belle and her sleeping. I need some help. For the past couple of months or more she takes forever to fall asleep. I will put her to bed at 7:30 and she hangs out in her room and won't fall asleep until 9:30 or so! She doesn't cry (usually). The girl has no toys, no books, and minimal things to mess with in her room. She runs around her room, sits on her side table, kicks the wall, jumps on the bed....etc, etc.

I have spanked. I have tried bribing. I have tried warm milk. I have tried movies at night. I have tried scratching her back. I have tried everything!

I am not ready to give up her nap, and I don't think she is. She has missed naps and is a disaster! She can't even make it much beyond 5:30 without needing to fall asleep. The girl needs them, but I don't let her sleep past 3.

The length of her naps don't make a difference. Whether she sleeps one hour or 3, she still struggles to fall asleep at night.

The fact is that Belle cannot settle down to fall asleep and I don't know why. I know that everyone says she is going through a transition with the new sister, but it's been over two months. Meanwhile, I am up till 11 or later trying to get Evie to sleep.

Please! Help me! I am losing my mind! She needs to sleep and I need a break!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Auras and Migraines

Okay, someone help me. I have suffered from migraines in the past, but never terribly. Basically I would get maybe 2 a year, pop a couple Excedrin Migraine, take a nap, and within a few hours my headache was tolerable. I say that in the world of migraines, mine are the kind to get! Each time I have gotten a migraine I have known it was coming because I get the visual auras 20 minutes before the headache sets in.

Two weeks before I had Evie I had two migraines. Since having her I have two more, plus 5 silent migraines this week! I have just learned that a silent migraine is when I have the visual aura, but no headache to follow. I usually take an 800mg ibuprofen when I get the aura as precaution. Either way, the whole thing is annoying.

I went to my doctor last week and was given a script for Imitrex. Great, right? Well, not so great as a nursing mom. If I take an Imitrex then I have to pump and dump for 24 hours. I HATE pumping, let alone throwing out the milk! I would almost rather deal with the headache.

My assumption is that it may be the combo of birth control + breastfeeding that has set my hormones wacky. I started taking birth control this week, and this week I have had the most trouble. I might make another call to the doc because I am fairly certain that this many episodes in a week is something they want to know about. I guess I might want to try to come up with what may be the cause, rather than trying to just treat the headaches and auras after they come.

Has anyone else had this postpartum? Has anyone ever just had the auras? Has anyone taken a migraine med while nursing that is safe for baby too? Being home with two little girls means I need to be able to take care of them without blurry vision or wanting to chop my head off. I never had this with Belle, so I'm surprised with how my body is reacting right now. Such a drama!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bye Bye Privacy

I had to laugh today as I realized how I literally have lost all privacy and any sort of personal quiet time to myself until the kids go to bed.

Belle and I got up this morning and once I got her breakfast I went into the bathroom. Before I know it the door swings open and Belle says "you going potty, momma?" Yup.

I have also realized that if I don't shower before Belle wakes up, then it will be a challenge to fit it in. Today was one of those days I didn't wake before she did. So, I thought that I might try to fit it in with both girls up. Belle was in my room watching TV and I put Evie in the bouncy right outside the bathroom. Before I know it, my 2 year old is opening the curtain and saying "you nakey, momma? I shower too!". Belle runs and grabs her Barbie, and there we are. Belle, Barbie, and I in my not-so-big shower while Evie sits just outside in her bouncy. Meanwhile, Belle is running between the shower in my bathroom and the tub in her bathroom grabbing more toys.

I had a good laugh thinking about how this is life right now. Privacy for even 5 minutes is quite the luxury. Somedays I wish it was easier to find a little quiet time, but if I'm going to give it up I feel pretty blessed to be spending that time with my two girls. Most days are spent playing Play-Doh, watching Wonder Pets, making a mess in the basement, reading books, and snuggling on the couch. Yup, there are tantrums, crying, coughing, poopy diapers, times I lose my mind, and a messy house, but it's good. Life is real good.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So In Love

It is 100% true that it is possible to love another child. I know this is a fear of many 2nd time mommies, and I can boldly say that it is no problem!

Evie is a gem if a baby. I am actually holding my breathe waiting for her to get naughty. She is so content when she is awake and sleeps well. The girl goes for 7 hour stretches at night! She will fall asleep at 8 or 9 and wake up around 3 or 4. I have zero complaints! She has also made steps forward with taking bottles from Paul and I, as well as taking formula. Sorry Breastmilk Nazis, but my child will have both. This progress makes me feel like I can start having a bit more freedom to get back into my normal activities, as well as free Paul and I up to maybe go on a date soon. It is much needed. I think we have been feeling a bit holed up at home lately.

Belle is sleeping much better! She still takes a bit to fall asleep, but is doing much better. She has just begun to ask to hold Evie, so I feel the transition is going better. She helps give her her pacifier and her blankies. I love to watch her as a big sister.

I just told Paul today that I feel like I actually have more energy to finish things around the house than I did before Evie. Who knows why? It makes no sense, but sometimes I think it's because I wake up and hit the ground running everyday and once I get a momentum it's hard to slow down. Don't get me wrong....Evie, Belle, and I all napped today, but the mere fact that I have kept up on laundry has amazed me!

Other than motherhood, I've been getting Christmas shopping done. I want to kiss the creator of So easy. So simple. I can actually take the time to find what I want to buy someone, rather than rushing through Target and just grabbing random gift items because I have a wired toddler and a baby who is crabbing. I'm really excited about everyone's gifts this year because I was able to take the time to browse and decide to purchase.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family of Four

Evie is almost 3 weeks old now. It really has flown by already! Adjustment is still happening in the house, but we a figuring things out. Evie is a great baby. She is easy to soothe and LOVES to snuggle. I am relishing every bit of baby snuggles I get now before she gets to an age when she doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore. Evie sleeps great at night....pretty much waking up once or twice. She is eating well and at her last appointment she was right on track!

Belle has been adjusting okay. Her sleeping is still a bit of a drama, but I am waiting it out in hopes that it changes. She is starting to get a bit of an attitude here and there, which may be part of her age as well. She is saying "no" more often, but overall she is doing well. She has been fairly weepy today, but I hope in a couple of months she is used to the entire transition.

So far my two biggest struggles are getting out of the house and taking care of Belle when I am nursing. Yesterday while I was nursing Evie, Belle climbed out if her chair from lunch, fell out, and the entire chair fell on top of her. Another time she jumped from the couch to the coffee table and hit her face resulting in a bloody lip. I know some women can move about while they nurse, but I am not capable! I'm fairly certain this is due to an insane chest size right now, but that's an entirely different issue!

As far as leaving the house, it is just a lot of rigamarole. Packing for two kids and getting them both in the car sometime seems like an entire event! Eventually I hope this becomes more second nature, but at the moment it is overwhelming! I'm hoping as Belle gets older she becomes more helpful with this.

Regarding my own adjustment to "mother of two," I am surprised at myself. I really feel that the second time around has been easier for me than the first time. I'm more laid back, less frantic when the baby cries, and it has come much more natural this time. I am really enjoying my two girls :).