Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samuel John: 7 Months

7 is Heaven!  7 months is one of my most favorite ages!  For one, you aren't moving quite yet, however, you are starting to sit up, so you are more easily entertained. I love watching you reach for toys, and every once in awhile get stuck because you have fallen backwards or face planted into the carpet.  Sorry, I find it cute :-)

You are consistently sleeping through the night!  Wahoo! You usually go to bed between 6 or 7 and will sleep straight until 5:30. I never thought you'd be sleeping through the night by 6 months, let alone consistently! I feel like a new woman!

You continue to try new foods, and you have started a little self-feeding. Baby Mum Mums have become a staple in this home and they are a great way to distract you when you are getting crabby in the car.  So far, you aren't much of a picky eater. I haven't found a food yet that you do not like. I sure hope this continues!

A few weeks ago you spent your first night away from me. You did great!  Meme took you for the night, so your dad and I could have a date night and hang out with friends. Even though you're my 3rd, I think that first night away is always a little bittersweet.

This past month you got your first haircut! Your hair has always been quite the talking piece, but it was time to clean it up a bit. Parts of the sides were really long, and the front was getting in your eyes. Can't say you were overly thrilled about your new 'do, but you look so handsome!

I love watching you hit new milestones, and I love watching you grow--I will say that I am still VERY content with you having very little movement!  Ha!  I'm not ready to put those baby gates back up quite yet!

Friday, August 8, 2014

My New Business Venture

I have never been someone who was interested in the direct sales route.  To be quite honest, I never really liked the idea of having to be a saleswoman and begging my friends to host parties to help me sell my products.  I know some people who do this very well, but I have also known people who have done this extremely poorly (and yes, I have hidden a few people on Facebook for filling up my newsfeed with their incessant posts).

Welp, I am here to announce that I have recently signed on to be a Younique Independent Presenter.  I am kind of surprised at myself, but the decision to sign up up seemed like a good fit and something I could absolutely do. What is Younique?  Basically, tt is a direct sales cosmetic company.  We are most known for our 3D Lash Fiber Mascara--the stuff is pretty much amazing.  However, we also have blush, eye pigments, concealer, moisturizers, etc.  

Being a stay at home mom is a job I feel very blessed to have, however there are days I wish I could do more to contribute to the family financially. I have a small crochet business that has helped, but it seems that it takes me a good 9-12 months after having a baby for me to get back into the groove of making hats and playing with yarn.  I love to crochet, but at the end of the day my hands just don't want to be busy anymore.

I had been seeing things for 3D Fiber Lash Mascara parties in my Facebook newsfeed, and after being invited to one by a friend I decided to take the plunge and purchase this miracle stuff.  Once on the web page I began to read more about Younique, their mission, and their products.  I LOVED that their sales approach was very social media driven.  As many of you know, I love me some Facebook!  I could TOTALLY get into that. 

Direct sales has never appealed to me before because it required home parties, which meant time away from my family.  Paul and I are already insanely busy and I didn't want to start taking multiple nights away from each other. After speaking with Paul that I was interested in Younique he was encouraging and told me to go for it.  That was all I needed.  I signed on that night after speaking with another presenter about the requirements. The funny thing is that I still hadn't tried a single product!  

I waited anxiously for my presenter kit to arrive. I was a nervous. What if I just spent $99 to sell some stuff that I hated???  I couldn't possibly try to sell products to my friends if I felt like I couldn't stand behind it.  Besides, they'd probably keep wondering why I wasn't using it myself. Thankfully, the kit came and I gave it a whirl. I was more than thrilled with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. Thank goodness!  It truly is an amazing product, and the pictures all over the internet really live up to the hype! My next favorite product were the eye pigments. I've always loved to play around with shadows, but for some reason they would always clump in my crease or blend awfully. Not Younique's pigments!  I actually feel like I have some shadow applying skills when I finish my eyes!

This business stuff is all kind of awkward for me, but I am giving it a whirl.  I really like the Younique products and look forward to having my own "thing" to help the family out (as well as the discount!).  I hope to not bog up any one's Facebook newsfeed too much, but you might see a post from me here and there.  I've created this Facebook business page if you want to check it out.

PLEASE don't assume that this is just another salesperson trying to make a buck.  Based off of my experience with the Younique products I am impressed and totally stand behind them. I'm not out looking to hound people.  I am excited about helping add to the family cash flow, but I also think this stuff is pretty awesome.  I hope I can convey that.

If you're interested in purchasing any products, you can do so by shopping here.

If you'd like to earn free product, then I'd LOVE to help you host a Virtual Facebook Party.  It's really easy and you can do so here.  I help you out every step of the way.

In the meantime, let me answer any questions you might have!  And, obviously, this post wouldn't be complete without a lovely tutorial of the 3D Fiber Lash mascara and some before and after pics.  Enjoy!