Friday, July 25, 2014

Samuel John: 5 AND 6 Months

So, I am certain this is the plight of being the 3rd child, but I forgot to write an update at 5 months.  Therefore, this is going to be a combined update!

At 5 months you proved to us that you are a versatile sleeper.  We stayed in a hotel and you slept like a champ!  You also had your first camping experience and slept fairly good for that too!  I am thankful that you are pretty easy going when it comes to where you will fall asleep.  During this month you napped great, but the nights were still rough.

You took your first trip to the annual Huizinga vacation to Traverse City.  Unfortunately, you weren't the happiest baby while we were there (which we have since learned is because you have reflux).

Here we are at 6 months and I am amazed at how much you've changed!  You are constantly rolling over to you belly and have now become a stomach sleeper.  Who knew??  As soon as we put you to bed, you roll to your belly, put your thumb in your mouth and you zonk out.  I love it.  You are sleeping MUCH MUCH MUCH better at night now.  Thank the Lord!!  You have also shown that you do a great job sleeping in the Ergo.  We are able to go on outings during your nap time and you will fall asleep while I'm carrying you.  I love it!

We finally figured out that you have reflux.  We started you on Zantac early this month and you became a new baby.  The mom guilt in me was bad for waiting so long to get you relief, but I am thankful there was a reason for how crabby you have been the past 6 months.  Poor buddy.  You were in pain!

You just weaned a couple of weeks ago.  I think we were both ready to be done.  You were being supplemented more and more by formula.  You were becoming fussy when you nursed (which may be due to the reflux now that I think about it), and there was a part of me ready to have my body back.  I always thinking that ending nursing is bittersweet.  So far you haven't skipped a beat to being solely bottle fed!

This past month we started some solids and you are doing great with them.  You seem to like them and the girls love to try to help feed you.

Speaking of your sisters, they are becoming more and more intrigued by you.  They love that you are becoming more interactive.  You laugh and smile at them often.

At your 6 month well child visit you were 18 lbs, and ended up being 75th percentile for both height and weight.  At your 4 month you were 50th for height and weight so you are getting bigger faster!  Your head size is in the 97th percentile, but that's not surprising at all :-)

Can't believe you have already been here half a year.  It's going so quick!