Sunday, November 23, 2014

Samuel John: 10 Months

Double digits!  I seriously feel like you JUST turned 9 months old.  How did this happen?

This past month has been one of milestones.  You have been crawling all over the place.  Not only that, you are now pulling yourself up and even climbing steps.  I have to admit that I am not ready for this stage.  I dread it.  After your sister, Evie, and her terrible luck with steps I am on high alert with you.

This past month has been a rough one for you as far as health.  You have had another double ear infection, as well as another single ear infection just a couple weeks later.  We finally have you on a new antibiotic and you are a new kid.  I am hoping we are on the mend!  One more ear infection and we are going to have a serious discussion about putting tubes in your ears.

As far as food, you really aren't too picky.  You eat most of what I put on your plate.  Hopefully, that won't change as you get older.

You still remain an early riser.  Oy!  You are usually awake between 5am and 6am.

You LOVE the bath.  This is my go-to activity for you when you are crabby and still have some time before you need to go to bed.  You actually love the bath even more when Evie is in there with you, because she makes you laugh the most out of anyone!

Your most favorite toy is a balloon.  Evie got some for her birthday and a sure fire way to keep you happy is to throw a balloon in your hands :-)

You celebrated your first Halloween as an owl.  You were pretty darn cute! You never actually did any trick or treating, but we enjoyed dressing you up anyway.

And, yup, your hair is still phenomenal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Evelyn Joy!

Happy Birthday, Ev!!

My sweet girl, you have proven that you have just as much spunk and personality as you do fearless energy.  This past year has been such a pleasure to watch you learn and explore this world around you.  This year....

  1. You became a big sister.  It depends on the day what KIND of big sister you want to be but you have been so much fun to watch.  There are days you grab Sam by the arm and drag him across the floor, and then there are the days you tickle him in his car seat to help him laugh when he is crying.
  2. You are hand down THE BEST snuggler in this house. I love how you grab your paci (which we need to get rid of soon!!!), your blanky, and ask if you can "nuggle" me. It makes my heart ache a little now just thinking about it.
  3. You still have phenomenal hair.  Girlfriend, your hair is gorgeous.  You had your first hair cut this year, which made you lose some of those curls, but your hair is something to be jealous of.
  4. Your favorite pastime is antagonizing Belle.  You simply cannot help yourself.   
  5. You are my kid that loves pretend play.  You will grab your Anna and Elsa Barbies and play with them for over an hour coming up with your own crazy scenarios.
  6. Although it is gone now, you used to speak "Evie-nese."  You would chat and chat and chat, and most of the time we literally had no clue what you were saying.  I miss it.
  7.  You are a really great helper.  You pick up your toys most the time that I ask, you love to help me dust, and you want to sit right in the kitchen while I am cooking (and you ALWAYS have to crack the eggs).  You surprise me with how well you follow directions!
  8. This past year has been rather calm when it has come to your injuries.  Your last set of stitches was Christmas Eve, and since then things have calmed down a bit.  I am certain that it is NOT because you are less fearless, but you are just more coordinated.
  9. You very rarely eat a meal that is put in front of you.  You would much rather graze on everyone else's plates. Drives me crazy!
  10. You still absolutely love the water.  Thank goodness we got you into Miss Rita this summer to get you some lessons.  You kinda know what you're doing now!
  11. Belle is your best friend.  I adore watching you two play. 
  12. Potty training you was much easier than it was your sister.  You still have struggles, but overall you're getting it.  I look forward to a day that this house is "Pull-Up Free."
  13. Your favorite movie this past year (other than Frozen) is Extremely Goofy Movie.  My favorite part of this is that you refer to it as "Goofy Sad," because there is a part in this movie where Goofy is sad and you cry along with him.  For some reason you love it.
  14. You have given up on napping.  This usually means that about 2 times a week I can find you on the couch at 4:00 zonked out.
  15. You are a biter, scratcher, puncher, and hitter when you are mad.  I cannot tell you the number of times the neighbor kids have told on you for hurting them when you aren't happy.  Eventually, I just started telling them to hit you back.
  16. I love my mornings with you when Belle leaves for school and Sam takes a nap.  It's hard to get one on one time, and hanging out with you by yourself is so much fun.
  17. You love to dance still, but you always want a partner to twirl you around.  Gladly!
  18. You love to put people in time out.  "1..2..GO IN TIME OUT!"  Your dad and I think it's really cute, but it usually makes your sister cry.
  19. You love to dress yourself.  50% of the time your pants are inside out, your underwear is sideways, and your shirt doesn't match.  I seriously love everything about it, and will miss it when you can dress yourself the "right" way.
  20. You have earned yourself the nickname "Gremlin," and rightly so. You are so cute, but quickly turn and wreak havoc all over the house! 
  21. I always tell people that whether you love someone or are angry at someone, you do so passionately.  You will hug me tight, but when you are mad you have no problem throwing things or hitting someone.  
  22. I love that you wait outside with Belle every morning for the bus, and then wave her off when she gets on.
  23. I think you would wrestle all day if we had the energy to keep up with you. Girl, you have more energy to burn than I can handle!
  24. You love to sit next to me and watch me put on my make up.  You also REALLY love digging through my make up and putting it on yourself.  
  25. You love to blame others for things we know 100% that you did.  For example, I caught you after you spilled nail polish on the carpet in our bedroom.  You INSISTED that Belle did it, even though you know I saw you..
  26. You cannot wait to do the things that Belle is doing.  You constantly ask when you get to ride the bus, when you get to go to school, and when you get to get your ears pierced.  Unfortunately, it's going to be like this our whole life.  You will always watch Belle do thing first, which can be tough, but I promise you will be glad someday that you have some to talk to who has gone through experiences first.  
  27. You are a junk food addict.  You would eat pizza, mac and cheese, french fries, and candy all day long.  In fact, you already love Diet Coke and try to steal mine at every chance you get.  
  28. You love to play and do a really good job playing independently.  Whether it is dress up, Play-Doh, dolls, or Barbies you are a kid that knows how to enjoy life.  
  29. If you could, you would be naked all the time.  You love nothing more than to run around the house with your bare buns hanging out.  
  30. I absolutely LOVE my little conversations with you.  That is truly the biggest difference I have seen this past year.  You have become chatty and you love to share your thoughts.  I hope that this never changes.

Evie, you are beautiful, hilarious, and such a joy to parent (most days!).  I can't believe that you are 3 already!  Although I love your strong personality, I sure pray that your threes aren't as crazy as your twos!  You, my girl, keep us on our toes :-)

Happy Birthday!!!