Friday, December 30, 2011


I am at my wits end with Belle and her sleeping. I need some help. For the past couple of months or more she takes forever to fall asleep. I will put her to bed at 7:30 and she hangs out in her room and won't fall asleep until 9:30 or so! She doesn't cry (usually). The girl has no toys, no books, and minimal things to mess with in her room. She runs around her room, sits on her side table, kicks the wall, jumps on the bed....etc, etc.

I have spanked. I have tried bribing. I have tried warm milk. I have tried movies at night. I have tried scratching her back. I have tried everything!

I am not ready to give up her nap, and I don't think she is. She has missed naps and is a disaster! She can't even make it much beyond 5:30 without needing to fall asleep. The girl needs them, but I don't let her sleep past 3.

The length of her naps don't make a difference. Whether she sleeps one hour or 3, she still struggles to fall asleep at night.

The fact is that Belle cannot settle down to fall asleep and I don't know why. I know that everyone says she is going through a transition with the new sister, but it's been over two months. Meanwhile, I am up till 11 or later trying to get Evie to sleep.

Please! Help me! I am losing my mind! She needs to sleep and I need a break!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Auras and Migraines

Okay, someone help me. I have suffered from migraines in the past, but never terribly. Basically I would get maybe 2 a year, pop a couple Excedrin Migraine, take a nap, and within a few hours my headache was tolerable. I say that in the world of migraines, mine are the kind to get! Each time I have gotten a migraine I have known it was coming because I get the visual auras 20 minutes before the headache sets in.

Two weeks before I had Evie I had two migraines. Since having her I have two more, plus 5 silent migraines this week! I have just learned that a silent migraine is when I have the visual aura, but no headache to follow. I usually take an 800mg ibuprofen when I get the aura as precaution. Either way, the whole thing is annoying.

I went to my doctor last week and was given a script for Imitrex. Great, right? Well, not so great as a nursing mom. If I take an Imitrex then I have to pump and dump for 24 hours. I HATE pumping, let alone throwing out the milk! I would almost rather deal with the headache.

My assumption is that it may be the combo of birth control + breastfeeding that has set my hormones wacky. I started taking birth control this week, and this week I have had the most trouble. I might make another call to the doc because I am fairly certain that this many episodes in a week is something they want to know about. I guess I might want to try to come up with what may be the cause, rather than trying to just treat the headaches and auras after they come.

Has anyone else had this postpartum? Has anyone ever just had the auras? Has anyone taken a migraine med while nursing that is safe for baby too? Being home with two little girls means I need to be able to take care of them without blurry vision or wanting to chop my head off. I never had this with Belle, so I'm surprised with how my body is reacting right now. Such a drama!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bye Bye Privacy

I had to laugh today as I realized how I literally have lost all privacy and any sort of personal quiet time to myself until the kids go to bed.

Belle and I got up this morning and once I got her breakfast I went into the bathroom. Before I know it the door swings open and Belle says "you going potty, momma?" Yup.

I have also realized that if I don't shower before Belle wakes up, then it will be a challenge to fit it in. Today was one of those days I didn't wake before she did. So, I thought that I might try to fit it in with both girls up. Belle was in my room watching TV and I put Evie in the bouncy right outside the bathroom. Before I know it, my 2 year old is opening the curtain and saying "you nakey, momma? I shower too!". Belle runs and grabs her Barbie, and there we are. Belle, Barbie, and I in my not-so-big shower while Evie sits just outside in her bouncy. Meanwhile, Belle is running between the shower in my bathroom and the tub in her bathroom grabbing more toys.

I had a good laugh thinking about how this is life right now. Privacy for even 5 minutes is quite the luxury. Somedays I wish it was easier to find a little quiet time, but if I'm going to give it up I feel pretty blessed to be spending that time with my two girls. Most days are spent playing Play-Doh, watching Wonder Pets, making a mess in the basement, reading books, and snuggling on the couch. Yup, there are tantrums, crying, coughing, poopy diapers, times I lose my mind, and a messy house, but it's good. Life is real good.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So In Love

It is 100% true that it is possible to love another child. I know this is a fear of many 2nd time mommies, and I can boldly say that it is no problem!

Evie is a gem if a baby. I am actually holding my breathe waiting for her to get naughty. She is so content when she is awake and sleeps well. The girl goes for 7 hour stretches at night! She will fall asleep at 8 or 9 and wake up around 3 or 4. I have zero complaints! She has also made steps forward with taking bottles from Paul and I, as well as taking formula. Sorry Breastmilk Nazis, but my child will have both. This progress makes me feel like I can start having a bit more freedom to get back into my normal activities, as well as free Paul and I up to maybe go on a date soon. It is much needed. I think we have been feeling a bit holed up at home lately.

Belle is sleeping much better! She still takes a bit to fall asleep, but is doing much better. She has just begun to ask to hold Evie, so I feel the transition is going better. She helps give her her pacifier and her blankies. I love to watch her as a big sister.

I just told Paul today that I feel like I actually have more energy to finish things around the house than I did before Evie. Who knows why? It makes no sense, but sometimes I think it's because I wake up and hit the ground running everyday and once I get a momentum it's hard to slow down. Don't get me wrong....Evie, Belle, and I all napped today, but the mere fact that I have kept up on laundry has amazed me!

Other than motherhood, I've been getting Christmas shopping done. I want to kiss the creator of So easy. So simple. I can actually take the time to find what I want to buy someone, rather than rushing through Target and just grabbing random gift items because I have a wired toddler and a baby who is crabbing. I'm really excited about everyone's gifts this year because I was able to take the time to browse and decide to purchase.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family of Four

Evie is almost 3 weeks old now. It really has flown by already! Adjustment is still happening in the house, but we a figuring things out. Evie is a great baby. She is easy to soothe and LOVES to snuggle. I am relishing every bit of baby snuggles I get now before she gets to an age when she doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore. Evie sleeps great at night....pretty much waking up once or twice. She is eating well and at her last appointment she was right on track!

Belle has been adjusting okay. Her sleeping is still a bit of a drama, but I am waiting it out in hopes that it changes. She is starting to get a bit of an attitude here and there, which may be part of her age as well. She is saying "no" more often, but overall she is doing well. She has been fairly weepy today, but I hope in a couple of months she is used to the entire transition.

So far my two biggest struggles are getting out of the house and taking care of Belle when I am nursing. Yesterday while I was nursing Evie, Belle climbed out if her chair from lunch, fell out, and the entire chair fell on top of her. Another time she jumped from the couch to the coffee table and hit her face resulting in a bloody lip. I know some women can move about while they nurse, but I am not capable! I'm fairly certain this is due to an insane chest size right now, but that's an entirely different issue!

As far as leaving the house, it is just a lot of rigamarole. Packing for two kids and getting them both in the car sometime seems like an entire event! Eventually I hope this becomes more second nature, but at the moment it is overwhelming! I'm hoping as Belle gets older she becomes more helpful with this.

Regarding my own adjustment to "mother of two," I am surprised at myself. I really feel that the second time around has been easier for me than the first time. I'm more laid back, less frantic when the baby cries, and it has come much more natural this time. I am really enjoying my two girls :).

Saturday, November 19, 2011


We have been a family of four for over a week now. So far I feel like I am living in a surreal sort of life trying to figure out the new norm. I know life will resume to some sort of normalcy eventually, but I am anxious to get there.

For one, I hate this c-section recovery business. I feel so incapable of taking care of my girls well. I want to do it all, but if I do I end up not being able to do anything because I am too sore. Paul is a huge help and I am nervous when he goes back to work next week, but my mom is coming to help and at some point I do have to fly solo! I think my frustration stems from already experiencing a vaginal deliverer that was much easier. I know it will get better and I will be 100% before I know it! I have, however, been doing much more research on VBACs. I always thought a VBAC was an awful idea due to the risks and complications, but am learning that they really aren't as dangerous and scary as I had assumed. Another pregnancy is obviously not anytime soon, but just something I have been looking into :)

Belle is handling the new baby well, but I can definitely see that she is having her own adjustment. The past few nights have been really rough. Last night my hormones got the better of me and I cried and cried. Belle woke up beside herself and could not verbalize what she needed. She was so upset and beyond frustrated. I began to scratch her back and her head (her favorite thing ever) and just told her how much I loved her and it was going to be okay while I was sobbing. Darn mommy guilt. All I could think of was how her world has been turned upside down and she didn't really see it coming. I know a sibling is a great thing for her. Heck, my sisters are my best friends, but I just felt like maybe I wasn't doing all I needed to do to make this transition easier on her. I felt like I had been failing her because I couldn't give her as much of my attention now. When nursing Evie I can't do much for Belle, and right now I nurse Evie a lot. I left her room and continued sobbing and crying when I went back to bed. Paul assured me that he felt I was being a great mom and Belle was going to be fine. I know this. I know Belle will be okay. This is just an adjustment and she won't even remember it. My emotions are definitely the result of mommy guilt and post partum hormones--a lethal combo.

On a happy note, Evie has been such a joy. I love when she falls asleep on my chest. I love when she makes those crazy newborn faces. I love her awake time. I love her sweet little newborn smell. I love to watch Paul talk to her. I love that she makes any sort of c-section or awful delivery well worth every bit of pain or frustration. She is all sorts of sweetness. It is true that it is easy to love another child just as much as your first.

I am so thankful for my two girls and my supportive husband. I am truly blessed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Evie Joy is Here!

This is Evelyn Joy. She was born on 11.11.11. She was 7lbs 10oz, and 19" long. She sure is cute. She sure is sweet. She sure is one little stinker already! :)

Let me preface this by explaining that I have had two great pregnancies, and my body handles labor and delivery like a champ. Evie's labor story threw me for a loop, but has been a great reminder that I am so not in control and can't always plan so perfectly.

On Friday morning about 1:45am Belle woke up wanting more milk. I got up, but couldn't fall back asleep because I wasn't feeling well. I had gone to the bathroom multiple times and around 3:00 I felt a "pop" that was all to familiar to when my water broke with Belle. The contractions began and Paul and I were ready to roll!

By the time we reached the hospital I was already dilated to a 6 and soon had that lovely epidural. My right side was dead weight, but my left side kept giving me trouble. The nurse said it may have been Evie's position....little did we know. By 6:30 I was fully dilated and ready to go once she dropped a bit more. Dr. Wallace arrived and decided to check me. This took him a little too long and I knew something wasn't right. I was not wanting him look at me and say "she's breech." Boo. Major disappointment. Everything had been such smooth sailing, and I was crushed. I didn't prepare myself for a c-section and it really didn't cross my mind as something that was even feasible after such an easy delivery with Belle.

The tears came, along with the anxiety of being cut open and how recovery would be (I almost passed out this week from the fear of acpuncture!) Thank goodness 3 of the 4 other women in my family have delivered via c-section. I had an army of old pros to cheer me on and reassure me it was going to be just fine. Paul was right by my side and was a huge support!

Once in surgery I heard the doctors laughing when they saw Evie. Her legs were straight up in the air like two little arrows, and then I heard that little first cry of hers and I was dying to see her! They placed her next to me on a snazzy bassinet (Paul said it was major high tech). Her legs were still straight and sticking out! Her hair was lighter than I expected and I was so surprised! For some reason I assumed she would look like Belle. Evie was her own little unique self and I already loved every bit of her :)

Since delivery she has been such a joy already. Motherhood already feels easier this second time around (despite an unplanned surgery). I am finding it comes more naturally and I have much more confidence in what I am doing. Paul said the same thing for him too.

Belle has met her and wasn't so sure of this new little creature, but I think she was also taking in seeing me in a bed with tubes and IVs. I think she will be a great big sister!

Enough chatter....more to come about our new bundle and our family if four. For now, some pictures if our blessing :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Waiting Game

I have never been a patient person, which is why waiting for labor to begin is mind consuming! I am not even due, yet I have been analyzing every cramp, contraction, and tinge of abdominal pain for the past 2 weeks. I think half of the problem is that it is completely out of my control. I cannot really do anything to get labor going, except to wait for the good Lord to tell my body it's time.

This being said, I know the end is in sight and I am very ready. This is more than due to the discomfort of pregnancy, but also because I cannot wait to meet this little girl. There was definitely a time I was scared and not quite there (flashbacks of sleepless nights with Belle and complete uncertainty as to what I was doing), but this time I have confidence in myself, some skill set that has come with already going down this road, and the knowledge of how amazing it feels to hold that precious new baby and see her for the first time. I cannot wait to meet this new daughter of mine, smell her little head for the "baby smell," snuggle with her when she falls asleep anywhere, and do this extremely difficult yet rewarding journey again.

I know our life will get flipped upside down again, but I also know how worth it every crazy part of bringing a new baby into a family is. I know there will be days I pull my hair out, and pray for just 5 minutes to rest my eyes, but I also know we are going to have so much fun with "our girls."

So, bring on the pain, the labor, the contractions! I am over the anticipation and ready for this reality I have been preparing for. I know the end is in sight, and this is a good lesson in patience and my lack of control on so much of my life. Hopefully the next post is introducing our new little girl, rather than me desperately seeking more labor inducing advice (which hasn't been working by the way--walking, spicy food, labor cookies, sex, acupressure, bouncing on a yoga ball, eating pineapple, and raspberry leaf tea are all just things to do to occupy your mind while you wait around. I have decided that none actually hasten labor).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I found this link on Pinterest and had to share it.  I know it is vain, but I have been finding myself dreading that post pregnancy body that will be here soon.  I realize that the gift of a child is worth any sort of havoc on my body, yet it does not mean that I will not be insecure and unhappy with the gooey belly, stretchmarks, and overall change in my body after this pregnancy.  Like I said, I know it sounds vain.  Finding this was a great reminder to me of what these changes to my body mean and to embrace them, rather than hate them.  Nowadays I feel that the world expects women to bounce right back after having children within a matter of weeks, rather than giving our bodies more than enough time to get the weight off.  Goodness, it takes 9 months to put on the weight and stretch our bellies out that far, why do we expect it all to go back within a matter of weeks?

If you click on the link you can see tons of pictures of post partum bellies. This really says it all, doesn't it?

A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn.

One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes,
and slept in the most perfect darkness.

One for every time you had the hiccups.
One for every dream you dreamed within me.

It isn't very pretty anymore.
Some may even think it's ugly.

That's OK.

It was your home.

It held you until my arms could,
and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it.

~ Cassie Fox

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Girl Bed Failure

I am so frustrated now-a-days with the entire transition to the big bed. Eventually, they get it, right? I told myself that two week would most likely be plenty for Belle to catch on...boy was I wrong.

A couple Saturdays ago we started her in her big bed and she seemed more than thrilled. Stayed in bed. Slept all night. Dream. I assumed this was going to be one simple and smooth sailing transition. Then she discovered that she could get out of her bed AND open her door. Epic fail.

I feel as though we have tried everything. Taking things from her, spanking, flipping the doorknob around, and now I am at a loss. The lock on the door broke because she pulled on it so much, so now I am back to holding it shut. Spankings bother her for a quick moment and then she laughs. She could care less if I take things. We do a bedtime routine and I even try to prep her for staying in bed like a "good girl." I even tried the Supernanny approach to walking her back to her bed without saying anything. After an hour or so, I tired of Belle finding it to be a fun game and myself quickly exhausted. Thanks, Supernanny, for that waste of time.

So, help! Please pass along advice, suggestions, anything! At least someone tell me I'm not alone!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Belle!!

To My Belle-y-Boo,

Has it been two years already that you came into this world and made me a mother? I cannot believe how time flies and how quickly you have gone from a newborn to this little tiny person with thoughts, opinions, and so much energy!

This past year has been one in which your little personality has really shown and your father and I have learned a great deal about who you are, as well as who we are as parents. You have brought us so much joy and we could never imagine a life without our "Booski." This past year you have:

  1. Shown a great deal of love for climbing and jumping on all things around you. You love to climb the couches and dive headfirst into the pillows.

  2. You love animals in books and tv, but fear them in person.

  3. You can easily remember ANY animal noise and love to repeat them when asked.

  4. You love to sing songs with your mama in the car. Wheels on the Bus is your favorite, but Old MacDonald and the Itsy Bitsy Spider are close seconds.

  5. You still abuse Mac through how much you love on him and want to play with him. You are sure to kiss him on his lips and love to lay on him, and he gladly lets you.

  6. Your daddy is still your absolute favorite. Every time he walks in the door your face lights up and your run right to him.

  7. Similarly, when you are hurt or sick all you want is your mom, and I gladly take the extra snuggle time.

  8. You have a huge love (obsession) with your paci, blankies, and "nilk (milk)."

  9. You pick up and repeat everything said around you...even those things I'd rather you not pay so close attention to.

  10. You are a great eater! You love almost all food, although you choose to pass on some of those green veggies. Yogurt, crackers, cheese, and cake seem to be your most favorite.

  11. You love to entertain and be the center of attention. You know how to turn on the charm and love to chat with strangers in the store. People are drawn to you when we go out.

  12. There is a reason we taught you to say "I'm a drama-mama!". You are just like your mama and you know how to throw a full out tantrum. Most times it is hard not to laugh while you are doing this.

  13. You love to read books, play with your doll, play with play-dough, take walks, take baths, and watch movies.

  14. Your vocabulary is growing exponentially! Everyday you say something new that I had no idea you knew.

  15. You are learning you do not like "time out," but you take it like a big girl. You also know how to say "sorry, mama" just right that it melts my heart every time.

  16. You readily give hugs and kisses to everyone, and I will never stop asking for them

  17. I love you more and more everyday and I can't even imagine what life was like before you. I love to watch you grow and try new things. I cannot wait to see you as a big sister and I know you will have so many things to teach her. Thank you for every part of who you are (even the parts that drive me crazy)!

    Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Daughter, the Cusser

So, I have been debating writing about this for fear that there will be a small handful of people out there who may judge my poor parenting skills or turn their nose up at me. I finally decided that this blog is mainly for me to document our life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is one of the more ugly parts of it, but I also find it somewhat humorous as well. Paul and I do not have a perfect marriage, I do not parent flawlessly, and my child is not the poster child for perfection.

I do not swear a lot. I have a couple words here and there that I may throw around, but generally I have a clean mouth. I do, however, say s**t more often than I care to admit. I drop something, I stub my toe, I dial the wrong number, I burn dinner and usually I will throw around an "Oh s**t!". I blame it on growing up in a plumber's family :)

Well, clearly Belle has picked up on my foul mouth. Once I thought she may have said it, but then assumed I was hearing things (wishful thinking? Denial?). Well, the other day she dropped a glass and it broke. Clear as day the girl uttered "oh s**t.". Paul looked at me. I looked at him, and we both busted up laughing. How can you not laugh at those words coming out of a 2 year old's mouth?

I was praying this was a one time occurrence, but she said it when my sister was watching her, when we had friends over the other day, and at my neighbor's house. Goodness! Do I really say it so often that it has stuck with her so well?!

Needless to say, not a proud parenting moment. I think about her saying it in church nursery and the workers looking at me when I pick her up as the parent of the "little cusser."

So, now we try our best not to laugh and give her better options like "oh bummer" or "oh man.". In the meantime, I think I better work on these new options for myself as well. Nothing like a hard lesson on how impressionable those little minds really are.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother of One to Two

Lately I have been really trying to savor the best parts of being a mother of one. I know life is going to take another big adjustment with the arrival of baby Evelyn (yes, that is her secrets here). I am so excited to meet her, hold her, smell her, but at the same time I am petrified about what the change is going to be like.

I am not one that does well with change. When things are working well, I like them to stay that way. Obviously, many things will be changing when I become a mother of two. I am mentally trying to prepare myself for this and to tell myself to go with the flow. I am so excited for this change, but it still offers so much unknown.

Right now, I love, love, love my mornings with Belle. They are so relaxing and a good way to get started for the day. It is literally almost the same routine every day. She wakes up, gathers everything in her crib (this is such an ordeal because she may have 5 blankets,a sippy cup, and a stuffed animal and she is determined to carry them all on her own. I should also mention that I rarely wake up before she does right now. My alarm clock is hearing Belle chatting away in her room.

We head downstairs and I drink my coffee, check emails, and she watches some good ol' Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while she sits in her Dora chair and drinks milk. She is at that stage where the characters ask questions and she responds...she is also very good at saying "oh Toodles!" Breakfast soon follows for both of us, some playtime (Belle usually climbing furniture and jumping off) and then an hour after we wake up (depending on how early) we start to get ready for the day. Nice, relaxing, and familiar everyday.

Other things I know will change are the ease of leaving the house with one kid, trying to share my attention with two kids, no more sleeping all night and back to the newborn zombie stage, as well as just getting used to the logistics of two. I am so scared I won't be able to juggle the demands of two without becoming a crazy person. I know I will have moments I am overwhelmed and I just have to remind myself that "this too shall pass," and focus on the blessings around me.

I cannot wait to share more of my love with another child, and watch Belle as a big sister. She already loves to rock her babies, and always wants to help when other babies are around. Paul has already proven to be a great father to Belle, so I am sure another girl will come natural to him. I so hope that I allow myself to take in all of the blessings of a new child without getting bogged down by my own fears and insecurities. Hopefully the second time around proves easier than the first because I will have more confidence in myself as a mother.

Maybe I should call Michelle Duggar for a little advice.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Headed to the U.P.

Our neighborhood is all sorts of fabulous and amazing. Paul and I truly hit the jackpot when we found this house! Our neighborhood is full of young couples and kids, and the best part is that we all like each other!

Our neighbors, Sarah and Damon, have parents with a house in the U.P. on Lake Michigan. We all picked a weekend and headed up there. 8 adults and 9 kids in one house! Surprisingly, the mass chaos didn't bother any of us and we had a great time. We swam, Belle played on the beach, we did some kayaking, and at night after the kids went to bed the adults sat around the campfire and we honestly laughed until it hurt.

Right now I am trying to cherish (I know it sounds cheesy) of these last few trips as a family of 3. Adding a baby is going to make future trips more chaotic and require more packing....all of which stresses me out a bit! We have only three more months until this munchkin makes her debut and I feel like time is flying!

Next big trip is to San Francisco with the Thompson side of the fam! Unfortunately Belle won't be coming, but the thought of traveling with a two year old while 8 months pregnant....add a 4 hour time change, and I might not make it mentally! It will be a great trip for Paul and I to get away for a bit and not have to worry about naps and diapers. We love San Francisco and I can't wait to get back there!

Now, some U.P. pics. Aren't the kids cute in their tye-dyed shirts?!?!

Zoo Trip

I was bound and determined to bring Belle to the zoo this summer. She has formed a fascination with animals and knows a crazy amount of animal noises!

Belle loved it, but was very timid. She wasn't so sure about getting out of the stroller, but eventually warmed up to it when she saw her cousins running around.

She thought the petting zoo was great until a big ol' pig tried to sniff her face. Needless to say, the poor girl had a bit of a traumatic meltdown and wasn't so sure about any animal at that point! Even looking at the bear in his pen was too much for her. Thankfully the African drums and chimps made her forget about the pig and she seemed to enjoy herself more.

Huizinga Camping Trip 2011

Wow, am I behind on posting the happenings of this summer so far! We have been busy, but I have also been trying to figure out how to maneuver around this iPad. It is tougher than you would think! So, the next few posts are a quick snap shot of our summer so far. First, is our annual camping trip with my family.

This is the second year that my family had gone to Tri-Ponds campground in Allegan. We love it! There is a huge playground, a pool, a swimming pond, a petting zoo, as well as a pond where Lily, Gabbie, and Alexa spent tons of time catching frogs and tadpoles. The campground is small enough to let the girls run around, but still has enough activities to keep them occupied.

Belle was much more fun this year than last. Last year she was just learning to crawl and was right in the middle of teething. This year she was one active little girl who was obsessed with the ducks and liked to play in the pond.

We have learned that Belle has a love for animals....for the most part. I think she is fascinated by different animals, but isn't always so certain of them if they try to sniff her. You will read more about this in the "zoo" post to follow. There were three ducks that roamed the campground and Belle would follow them around all day if we allowed her to.

Overall, the week was great fun. It is sure busy running after an almost two year old, but exciting to watch her try out the playground, feed goats, and even scream when we try to get her to swim in the pool. She is definitely showing a fearless nature in some areas and real fear in others. Just all part of her personality that we love to learn about (most days :) ).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Mother's Intuition... wrong.  I could have swore this baby was a boy!  The pregnancy felt different with different symptoms.  Well, the little bugger tricked me :-)  SHE is healthy, measuring right on, and so far all seems well. 
Even the second time around, the ultrasound is still one of the most amazing things.  I love being able to see a sneak peak at my baby be-bopping around in my belly.  She was opening her mouth and hiding her face while we were trying to spy on her.  It's so bizarre to think of another little girl entering into this family and that I will love her just as much as I love Belle.  Paul and I are more than excited and so thankful for a healthy child.

So, we add another girl to the Huizinga side of the family (we are now at 7 girls and 1 boy).  The Thompson side is at 1 boy and 2 girls.  A major plus to another girl is that she will be in the same season as Belle, so we can use the same clothes and all of the same bedding.  That makes this Dutch girl happy :-)

Now some pics of our little peanut:

Monday, June 6, 2011

Modge Podge

So, I am 9 days out from the big ultrasound!  Anyone that knows me is well-aware that I am someone who is not very patient and although I am organized I like to be prepared.  Therefore, we will be finding out the gender of this baby like we did for Belle.  I can hardly wait!  The minute I peed on a stick I was already calculating when I would be able to have my ultrasound.  Obviously, we hope that we will see a healthy, growing baby, but I am also looking forward to knowing if we will have more pink or adding some blue to this family.

I never had a gut feeling with Belle, however I feel that this baby is a boy.  I mainly feel this way because the pregnancy is different.  I am more sick, my complexion is MUCH better than it was with Belle, I have felt more tired, and it just feels different.  I could be VERY wrong, but my guess is boy.  Either way we will be more than delighted with whatever God gives us.

In other news, Belle surprises us everyday with the new words she is learning and the phrases she is putting together.  The girl cracks me up!  She seems to be feeling much better, which makes for a happier little girl and mama :-) I do, however, wonder if she has allergies.  Paul suffers from awful allergies and this poor girl has had a runny nose going on 5 weeks now....hmmmm.

Lastly, I have a recipe I have to share!  I haven't cooked in awhile and I was really excited to try this.  It is from the good ol' Westwood Cookbook (a cookbook from the church I grew up in--aren't those the best??).  I tend not to do too much measuring and I modified the recipe a bit, so here is my version.  Sorry for the lack of details:

-1 1lb frozen bread dough
-spaghetti sauce
-mozzarella cheese (shredded)

Thaw the bread dough.  Roll it into a 20"x8" rectangle (I just made my as big as a cookie sheet).  Place rolled dough on greased cookie sheet.  In the middle of the dough spread spaghetti sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and oregano in a row. I also added Tastefully Simple's Italian Garlic Bread Seasoning.  Roll up sides of dough and pinch at top and sides to seal.  I sprayed the top with cooking spray and put parmesan and more garlic bread seasoning on top.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden brown.  Voila!  YUMMERS!!!!!

Okay, a modge podge of information in one blog posting.  Thanks for putting up with me :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goose Eggs

Things around here have been low key.  Paul had a few days off last week and we were able to make a lot of headway on the basement, as well as our backyard.  Mulch, top dirt, electrical, and drywall was the theme last week. 

I have been feeling better.  I was able to not take any zofran yesterday.  I was amazed at how much more energy I had.  I didn't realize how exhausted the zofran makes me.  Today I attempted another day without it, but by 11:30 I had to take it in order to get any sort of lunch in me.

Belle is a talker like none other now.  I am amazed at the things she knows and how she learned them.  The other day in Target I had a dress in the cart and she grabbed it and said "cute."  Cute?  Really?  How does she even now what that means?  It is so adorable.  I also learned that she knows "phone," and she is putting together more sentences like "Hi Mac!"  She is saying "mama" more when she needs help with something and is much better at names.  She even knows who "Paul" and "Bets" are. 

Our most recent happening is Belle's big ol' goose egg on her head.  She tripped on her pants in the kitchen and hit her head on the cabinet hardware.  Poor thing.  As soon as I picked her up I watched the bump grow as it bruised up within seconds.  Soon after she was smiling and back to her normal self.  It must look much worse than it feels.  As long as she is smiling I feel better :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Today was one fabulous day here in Michigan.  Beautiful sunshine and a day full of family.  This year Paul and I ventured down to Kalamazoo to spend time with my side of the family.  We had more than just a Mother's Day celebration.  We had many things to celebrate in my family that were worth a prime rib dinner (yummers!)

First, of course we celebrated mothers.  My grandma was there, my mother, my two sisters, and my sister-in-law was there for a bit before she had to leave to be with her mom.  The women in my life have sure taught me a lot about motherhood and have helped walk me through this crazy role.  Motherhood is hard.  It is SOOOO good, but it is hard.  It is sacrificial and so worth it.  I know that I am a better mom because of the support of my hubs (of course), but because of the women around me who have taught me tricks, secrets, watched me laugh at myself, cry at myself, seen me want to pull my hair out, and have shared their own trials and joys of motherhood.  This mom thing is one bonding experience!

Second, we celebrated my graduation.  Whoop whoop!

Third, we celebrated Steve's 4 year anniversary of sobriety.  I admire him immensely and am in awe of God's work in his and Stacy's life. 

Fourth, we celebrated Maia's 2nd birthday!

So much to celebrate and to give thanks for on this amazing Mother's Day.  Belle celebrated by playing hard and getting a little sun burnt (whoops on that mommy move)!  Paul and Belle gave e a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and I am getting a new flat iron for my icky hair.  Paul knows just how to get to my heart :-)  Good man he is.

Lastly, I am thankful to become a mother for the second time.  I am thankful for my growing belly and the chance to watch Belle as a big sister.  As always, my heart goes out to those waiting for children of their own or praying for a pregnancy or an adoption to happen soon.  You are in my prayers.  I don't know the desperation, pain, and hurt personally, but I am have seen the hurt it has caused those I love dearly.  My heart hurts for those still waiting...

Happy Mother's Day to everyone.  One way or another, we each have someone to celebrate today! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter and Other Stuff

I have been terrible at posting lately.  Whoops!  Anyway, here is the news:

Lucy Rae was welcomed into the family on April 21 to Cricket and Jon.  She is adorable and I already love her to pieces.  So far she is proving to be a very good baby and big brother, Owen, is adjusting well.  Isn't Lucy precious?

We spent Easter with Paul's family.  Belle had a ball running around in the backyard.  The weather was beautiful!  Belle was way too cute in her Easter dress :-) 

Belle has been crazy lately.  She is very curious and loves to crawl/climb onto everything.  Recently we have begun to finish our basement, which means that everything has had to come out of the basement upstairs.  We put a lot of the baby equipment in our living room and Belle rediscovered her jumparoo.  Wow, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. A good reminder of how quickly kids grow!
On one last note, I am moving into 2nd trimester.  WOOHOO!!  I still have nausea, but the Zofran is my best friend ever!  I am starting to pooch out a bit, but not so much that a stranger would notice.  All in all, the pregnancy is going along well. Only a couple of months till we can find out the gender!  I cannot wait!