Monday, October 15, 2012

11 Months

It's hard to believe that in one more month I will actually have a 1 year old! This year has flown by!

This past month Evie FINALLY got some teeth in her mouth, and the current count is up to 3. She seems to handle teething fine, but just slightly crankier than normal. It doesn't seem to mess with her napping too much.

Evie is ALL over the place. She has been crawling for awhile now, but she is so stinking fast and has discovered how to climb stairs. This means I have to constantly be aware of exactly where she is at all times. I have finally resorted to putting her in a pack 'n' play with toys just so I can get dinner made or things cleaned up around here!

Evie is curious as ever. She wants to get into cupboards, she wants to put her hands in the toilet, she wants to climb into closets and pull everything out, etc, etc. Everything new she discovers has to go into her mouth, which is another reason why I have to constantly be aware of where she is and what she is doing.

Belle does great with Evie, despite the fact that Evie usually messes up whatever Belle is playing with. If Belle is on the iPad, Evie will try to grab it. If Belle is coloring, Evie will grab that paper and rip it. If Belle is putting together a puzzle, Evie will inevitably ruin it. For the most part Belle just picks up her stuff and moves somewhere else. We also need to be careful of Evie grabbing at faces and pulling hair. She has pulled more than a few kids' hair, and if you are holding her she will take a swipe at your face :-)

This month Evie has really started to mimic a ton more. She will raise her hands when we say "How big are you? SOOOO big!" She claps, and will stick her tongue out if we do. She knows when people are laughing at her and she will continue to ham it up to keep us laughing. I have a feeling we have another daughter who enjoys being the center of attention :-)

I will be getting an 11 month picture up soon...although currently Evie has a nasty cold and she isn't too thrilled to do much lately. Once we have a healthier home and a happier baby I will be sure to post the 11 month pics!