Monday, July 30, 2012

Half Way

Wow. I have made it 4 weeks into my couch to 5k training, and I must say that I am surprised at myself. First, I can't believe that I have actually made it a month without quitting. Second, I cannot believe that I can actually see improvement!

My first day of training I had to run a 60 second interval, and I felt like I had to really push myself at the end of it because I was so tired. Now, my longest interval is 6 minutes, and I have been about to couple it with other 4 or 5 minute running intervals. I am actually surprised that I am not completely dead at the beginning of my running intervals. For those confused, my couch to 5K program has me alternate running and walking for 30 minutes. Each week I increase the number of minutes I run.

By the end of this week I will actually my first 9 minutes straight. Not going to lie--I kind of want to cry when I think about it. However, I never thought I would run 6 minutes continuously! Heck, I remember asking Paul to pray for me when I went out to run 3 minutes straight!

I recently thought about listening to an audio book while I run. Sometimes all I think about is how tired I am, and I think maybe a book would help me focus my mind on something else. I might try it this week. Any good book suggestions?

4 more weeks to go until I am 5k ready, and then I am going to run the course for the Bridge Run so I am prepared on race day. Half way!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


That is my current visual acuity. Amazing, huh?

Yesterday was my big LASIK surgery day. Up until the day I wasn't really nervous. Yesterday, it all changed. I started second guessing if I wanted to go through with it. I am not someone that handles pain very well, and being that this surgery was elective, I felt that maybe I shouldn't succumb myself to unnecessary pain. Let's be honest, the doctor was going to cut a flap on my cornea, laser my eye, and replace the flap all while I was wide awake. Ugh.

The surgery itself was obviously not very enjoyable or comfortable. I am someone who doesn't do too bad with things on my eyes, but this was so bizarre. There was one point where they put a piece of equipment over my eye and pressed down to the point where my vision went black. Thankfully, the doc was counting down, so I knew how long to expect to not see. There was some drops and messing with my eye, and then the laser came down. This step was so quick, although it smelled like burning. Some more drops, and then I could tell the doc was replacing my cornea flap because I could see him smoothing something over my eye using a tool. Such a bizarre feeling to see someone touching your eye, but not be able to feel it. My eye was patched up and they moved to the next.

Once complete (probably less than 10 minutes), I opened my eyes. I could see things clear (they weren't blurry), but it was like I was looking through a foggy window. My eyes were irritated and sensitive, which was expected. They burned and would not stop watering. My cheeks were covered with tears streaming down my face. Once home, I went to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep because my eyes really burned, and the constant watering was making my nose run.

Four hours later Paul woke me up. The burning was gone. My eyes still felt like they had something in them, but once I put drops in I could keep them open easier. As the night went on they felt better and better. I could not believe that I could sit on my couch and see the clock on my oven without my glasses or contacts!

This morning I caught myself constantly looking for my glasses or trying to push my glasses back on my face. Such habits that have been engrained in my mind! Today my eyes don't hurt a bit. No burning. No watering. I had a follow-up appointment and could not believe how clear the road looked. My glasses were always pretty disgusting, so I don't think I was ever seeing clearly even with them on.

I will say that it has been money well spent, and it hasn't even been 24 hours! I never wore earrings because I always felt like it was too much with my glasses on. I rarely wore eye make up because I figured no one could see it anyway with my glasses on. I also rarely wore cute headbands or clips in my hair, because I also felt like it looked like too much with my glasses on. I don't think this of others who wear glasses, but for some reason I just didn't think I could pull it off.

All in all, it's been a great experience! I would recommend it to everyone! The surgery itself is kind of scary, but once you get passed that, it's easy breezy...and much clearer!

(BTW, if you are looking for a doctor, go to Keil Lasik.  Dr. Keil is amazing and his staff is phenomenal!  Great experience!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best of Belle

Oh, it's been hilarious here lately. Here are a couple comments from Belle that had me rolling.

Belle: Mom, my boo-boos (boobs) have zits on them!
Me: No, Belle, those are your nipples.
Belle: Oh.

While getting her ready for her nap she was stalling and whining, so I was getting frustrated:
Me: Belle, I am going to put this diaper on you and then you are walking your tail up to bed!
Belle: (while crying and sobbing) I don't have a tail, Mom! Only doggies have tails!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yup, I'm Doing This

I officially signed up for the Bridge Run on September 16th.  I had been putting it off a bit, but realized that if I didn't just go ahead and sign up for it, it was going to be easier to stop running.

I am two weeks into my couch to 5k program, and am surprised by myself.  No, I can't say I have quite developed a love for running, nor do I think I ever will.  I don't necessarily enjoy my runs, but I do enjoy the 30 minutes to myself to process the day and to work off some energy.  I am also surprised by myself that it is actually getting easier.  For some reason I just assumed it wouldn't.

My first day on the program was not fun.  In fact, the first 30 second running interval was killer!  This week I worked up to 90 second running intervals.  Now, my 45 second running intervals seem like a breeze, and I just mentally prepare myself for each 90 second run.  Next week I start running 3 minutes at a time.  I am scared.  I know this seems like peanuts to some of you, but running 3 minutes continuously will be reason for celebration for me.  I might die.  In fact, I am very certain there are going to be times I think I won't live to make it back home.  I have just kept telling myself that I don't need to run the fastest...I just need to complete.  

Now, onto frustrations.  Some of you avid runners may be able to help me with this.  First, I feel that I have been going on two weeks of running and making better diet choices, yet not a pound has dropped from the scale.  I have been measuring inches and haven't had much change there either.  What gives?  I am not a patient person, and I need small glimpses of motivation to keep me going.  I can't say that I have ever really combined diet AND exercise in order to tone up and shed a few pounds, so I naturally thought that I would be dropping weight like crazy.  I know that I am building muscle, but when do results start to become obvious?  I just keep telling myself that if I stick with it I will see results.

Next, (again for you avid runners), do I need to buy a new pair of "running" shoes.  I have a pair of Pumas that I think are considered cross-trainers.  Is this sufficient, or no?  I don't like to spend a lot of money, so if I can use what I have I am more than thrilled.  I guess I am curious if buying shoes specific for running will actually make a huge difference or not.

Lastly, what should be eaten before a run and after a run?  How much water should I be drinking right before?  I worry too much water will give me side cramps, and I don't' know what to eat afterwards that will make the most of my run and not completely make it worthless.

Clearly, I am a novice at all of this.  I wish that running was as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and taking off for 30 minutes.  The more I have been reading, the more I realize that I might be making things harder for myself by not fully preparing the right way.

At this point I am 25% of the way through the program and I am impressed by myself.  I was actually more excited that Belle grabbed my headphones yesterday and said "Mom, I want to run with you."  I have always been a strong non-running, anti-exerciser, but it's clear that my girls are watching what I am doing.  I may not like this running business much, but Belle's comment makes it all worth it.

Traverse City 2012

Each year my family takes a vacation somewhere.  Usually, we head out camping.  This year was extra special!  This year my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  Nowadays, that is quite the accomplishment!  We were also celebrating my parents 60th (plus 1 year) birthdays.  They each turned 61 this year, but it makes it easier if we say we celebrated their 60th birthdays and 40th anniversary in order to make it a nice even 100, right?

The week was spent playing on the beach, riding a Sea-Doo, driving around a pontoon boat, fishing, golfing, shopping, and just hanging out with each other.  It was a great week to get away from the daily grind and to spend time with each other.

Girl Talk

Boat rides!

Monique and Jordan came up to watch all the kiddos while all of the adults went out to dinner.  They were awesome, and the kids LOVED them!

8 Months

Evie is 8 months!   Nothing real crazy and new to discuss this month.  She still isn't moving...although she has gotten really good at rolling around.  She is more than content to sit on the floor with toys in front of her.

She has started to feed herself here and there.  I sit her in her booster chair with some Cheerios or fruit, and she has done pretty good at feeding herself.  I am working on getting her to hold her own bottle.  Hopefully soon!

Evie still continues to be a not so great napper.  She fights it.  She cries and cries when I put her down, and sometimes we just nix the entire nap altogether.  She is much different than Belle in this area.  Evie easily sleeps at night, but her naps aren't the greatest.  Some days it makes me crazy, but thankfully she is a really happy baby even when she is tired.

Right now Evie's favorite things are to take a walk in the stroller, or watch other kids play around her.  She is easily entertained and finds most things hysterical.  She is not hard to get belly laughing at all!