Saturday, March 22, 2014

Samuel John - 2 Months

Our sweet Sam, you are 2 months old already!  It's crazy that I can no longer consider you a newborn--that stage went by so fast!

This past month you have put us on a roller coaster ride!  There are days you have given us loads of smiles and seemed content, and then other days where you needed a lot of snuggles and struggled to take a single nap.  Our nights were no different, but I believe we are on the up and up!  At one point you and I were hanging out every 1.5-2 hours, and you didn't seem to want to go back to bed after eating.  Lately, you have been given me longer stretches (3-4 hours) and you have been going right back to sleep more often.

You sisters love you to pieces.  Belle LOVES to feed you a bottle, and is more than willing to be my big helper to rock you in the bouncy.  Her favorite thing is to make up songs and sing them to you to help calm you down if you're crying.  Evie is back and forth.  There are days she wants to push you off my lap so she can snuggle in, and then others where she hears you cry and so sweetly says, "awww, Buddy!" with a kiss on your forehead.

You still hate your car seat.  You can be as calm as can be, but when we put you in your car seat you are one angry kid.  Thankfully, after 5 minutes of screaming and crying you tire yourself out and fall asleep.

You are enjoying your play mat more, and I can tell you are getting more used to the craziness of two sisters running around incessantly singing "Frozen" songs.  You are smiling more, and I cannot get enough of those dimples!

I am learning a groove with three kids around, and it is becoming easier.  Life is still chaotic, but it doesn't feel as overwhelming.  My biggest obstacle this past month has been trying to figure out how to manage three kids out in public.  I still have not braved the grocery store, but so far the mall and Catch Air have been major successes.  My confidence is building!

Happy 2 Months, Little Buddy!