Monday, September 29, 2008

Car Troubles and Food Drives

So, today was nothing exciting, aside from our newer (but old) car being sent to get fixed. Lately it has been not wanting to start right away and Paul has been stalling while driving. Finally, Paul has his final straw with it when it broke down on the highway. Yet again, he let it rest and it started right back up, but this time he drove it right to Dutton Auto. I sure hope it doesn't cost a ton. Nothing irks me more than car problems.

Other than the recent car annoyances, I have been crazy busy with the County Wide Food Drive. Paul will be a bachelor yet again tonight while I head to a another late meeting. I really am excited for this event, but it is SO detailed. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a detail person. I tend to see the overall picture and move from there. I sure hope I don't forget hundreds of important details the day of the drive...

BTW, if you are interested in helping out let me know:-) Otherwise, put your food out on your porch October 11th by 9am! If you have more questions see ACCESS' website for my info.

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