Monday, August 3, 2009

The Home Stretch

Well, we are in the final weeks of pregnancy and getting more and more anxious! I have had a couple of baby showers, we have completed the nursery, and I am struggling to find clothes that fit my growing belly. I have loved being pregnant, so I am trying to cherish the last few weeks, but it will be so exciting to meet Isabelle (not to mention a reduction in backaches and the capability of sleeping without 100 pillows!).

Paul and I recently took a trip to Mackinaw as our last big hurrah before our life/marriage as we know it completely changes. It was a fabulous trip and I am so glad we took the time to get away together. We went to Mackinaw Island, visited a zoo (which was sort of a glorified farm), and took a boat tour of the Soo Locks.

As we finish up these last few weeks, it has brought about a lot of mixed emotion. For one, I am petrified of childbirth because of all of the unknown! I know that the final outcome is well worth it, but coming from someone who is horrible with pain and anything that might hurt the entire thing makes me so scared. On the other end, I am scared of the whole parenthood thing because I know it is learn by the seat of your pants and I just pray that some of it comes naturally.

Overall, Paul and I are excited and looking forward to the changes and new adventures ahead of us. Hopefully, we keep some form of sanity through it all!

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Beth Ann said...

Praise God that you have enjoyed the pregnancy. I can´t wait to see what she looks like. Blessings from Nicaragua.