Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day (a day late)

I realize that yesterday was Father's Day, but today is the day I am blogging about it...AND since it's my blog, I get to do what I want! :) So without further my wonderful husband....


Thank you for the best gift I have ever received that not only made me a mother, but it is why you get to celebrate Father's Day! You were my saving grace when she was born (I really thought I was going to lose my mind), and you have proven to be a natural at the whole fatherhood thing.

There is a reason when you walk in the door and Belle could be beyond crabby, but her face lights up when she sees you! You are her buddy and she loves nothing more than spending time with you (I know if she could talk that she would tell me that!). She isn't much diferent than her mama in that sense.

On your first Father's Day I hope you know that I love you as my fabulous husband, but I fall even more in love with when you work your daddy magic and make Belle smile no matter how sad she is.

Belle is one lucky little gal to be able to call you her daddy, and I am one lucky gal to have you to experience this crazy journey of parenthood with. Thank you for lovin' your two girls as much as you do!

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