Sunday, February 27, 2011


I felt it was time for a Thompson Family update!  These have been so few and far between, because I have tried to focus on posting on my crochet blog, therefore this one has been a bit neglected.

So, what is happening with the Thompsons?  For me, I have been busy finishing up school and my internship.  Mentally, I am over it.  I am ready to be done and to be home with Belle.  She has adjusted to all of the running around well, but I feel that I am losing my mind.  Currently, I am in a different school each day and Belle goes to a different sitter each day.  If I can keep track of who goes where when until the end of this I will be impressed with myself. 

Belle is becoming a little girl.  I am amazed at the things she picks up.  I was asking her what different animals say and she knew what a frog said, and a bird.  She mimics things we say and do and remembers more than I give her credit for.  She is running, dancing, and jumping on the couch.  She also loves to climb up onto the dining room table and hates when I make her get down.

Right now Belle is a mega daddy's girl.  She cries when Paul leaves and clings to his legs.  Although Paul hates her crying, I know he secretly loves that his daughter is so attached to him.  As far as other people, Belle knows how to charm.  That girl can be a terror for me in Meijer, but she will smile and wave at everyone around.  Little stinker :-)

Below are some recent pics of us at the children's museum and some hilarious videos of Belle.

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