Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Girl Bed Failure

I am so frustrated now-a-days with the entire transition to the big bed. Eventually, they get it, right? I told myself that two week would most likely be plenty for Belle to catch on...boy was I wrong.

A couple Saturdays ago we started her in her big bed and she seemed more than thrilled. Stayed in bed. Slept all night. Dream. I assumed this was going to be one simple and smooth sailing transition. Then she discovered that she could get out of her bed AND open her door. Epic fail.

I feel as though we have tried everything. Taking things from her, spanking, flipping the doorknob around, and now I am at a loss. The lock on the door broke because she pulled on it so much, so now I am back to holding it shut. Spankings bother her for a quick moment and then she laughs. She could care less if I take things. We do a bedtime routine and I even try to prep her for staying in bed like a "good girl." I even tried the Supernanny approach to walking her back to her bed without saying anything. After an hour or so, I tired of Belle finding it to be a fun game and myself quickly exhausted. Thanks, Supernanny, for that waste of time.

So, help! Please pass along advice, suggestions, anything! At least someone tell me I'm not alone!


Emily said...

obviously I have no advice for you, but just want to tell you that you are doing a good job even though it's "not working." Just like all the sleep training you've learned in the past, it'll click with her and she'll be back to being a great sleeper again! If you need a break on a wednesday or friday during the day, I can help you out!

Anonymous said...

Do not give up. She will soon be getting married. LOL Sounds very normal to me since many 5 yr olds that I know still will not stay in their beds. No matter how you dress the bed, read what they want and after many drinks of water. Quess What?
I understand your frustration and you are probably trying to get the crib for the baby to use. This may not work because baby 1 is not ready to give up her baby bed. Can you get another crib to avoid some of the stress for a few months. I think that was what I did many yrs. ago.
Peace honey and it will get better and it is not what you do or don't do. Believe me.

Jenni andBrian said...

But a baby gate up at her door. While she may be able to open the door, she wont be able to wonder around. Give her a clock that shows when wake up time is and let her know, you will let her out then.

Sarah A said...

We're in the same boat right now. Sometimes I'll sit in the rocking chair in my son's room. This seems to speed up his falling asleep process because he knows I'm sitting there and will quickly put him back to bed if he gets out. We also turned the door knob around and have tried taking things from him. I feel your pain...

Anonymous said...

I am a mom of 3 grown children, and we experienced the same thing with our third child - a boy. He got spanked and repremanded, etc. to no avail. SO back up went the crib and eventually he got the big boy bed and stayed in it just fine. In the long run a few months more is not a big deal. Don't sweat it and frustrate yourselves. This too shall pass.