Sunday, February 27, 2011


I felt it was time for a Thompson Family update!  These have been so few and far between, because I have tried to focus on posting on my crochet blog, therefore this one has been a bit neglected.

So, what is happening with the Thompsons?  For me, I have been busy finishing up school and my internship.  Mentally, I am over it.  I am ready to be done and to be home with Belle.  She has adjusted to all of the running around well, but I feel that I am losing my mind.  Currently, I am in a different school each day and Belle goes to a different sitter each day.  If I can keep track of who goes where when until the end of this I will be impressed with myself. 

Belle is becoming a little girl.  I am amazed at the things she picks up.  I was asking her what different animals say and she knew what a frog said, and a bird.  She mimics things we say and do and remembers more than I give her credit for.  She is running, dancing, and jumping on the couch.  She also loves to climb up onto the dining room table and hates when I make her get down.

Right now Belle is a mega daddy's girl.  She cries when Paul leaves and clings to his legs.  Although Paul hates her crying, I know he secretly loves that his daughter is so attached to him.  As far as other people, Belle knows how to charm.  That girl can be a terror for me in Meijer, but she will smile and wave at everyone around.  Little stinker :-)

Below are some recent pics of us at the children's museum and some hilarious videos of Belle.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What A 1 Year Old Does on a Snow Day

1.  Watch Dad snow blow the driveway with our neighbor, Damon.

2. Make fun of Mom and Dad for leaving the garage door open the night before

3.  Dance on a chair after finger-painting

4.  Take a bath to clean up after finger-painting

5.  Run away from Mom when she is trying to get me dressed

6.  Relax a bit on a chair

7.  Play with snow

8.  Play a little piano (probably "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

9.  Crawl through a tunnel

10.  Play with the snow some more (and eat a lot of it!)

11.  Color on the huge piece of paper my mom taped to the coffee table (thanks, Nicole Balkema, for the idea!)

I should have taken a picture of her going to bed.  We were BOTH ready for some sleep after today!