Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things to Remember

I just wanted to make sure I documented what the girls are doing right now, which is the purpose of this post.  Belle is all sorts of 3 years old, and Evie is giving us all a run for our money at 14 months.

Right now Belle is still working on the whole potty training bit.  Frankly, I am over it.  She could care less about sitting in wet pants all day.  I thought we had tried it all, but little did we know the power of Disney Princess Polly Pockets.  We have had three days dry, and she actually has something worth staying dry for.  I am not getting my hopes up, but it is major progress compared to the past couple of months!

Belle is still loving preschool.  She is one of the youngest in her class, so I try not to compare her too much.  I am working really hard with her at writing her name.  She can recognize her name, and she is really good at writing a B.  The lower case e tends to be tough for her and she gives up rather easy when I try to make her practice.  It will come :-)

Currently, Belle is still into anything crafty.  She loves nothing more than to paint pictures, draw on our windows, and color.  She LOVES doing mazes, and is actually really good at them!  When she isn't crafting, she singing or dancing.  Someone get this girl a stage!  Takes after her mother a bit :-)

Evie.  Oh, Evie.  Lately, it seems her new name is "Stink."  Short for "Stinker."  Evie is into everything, yet so much fun.  Right now these are her newest "tricks:"

  1. She dances when you ask her to.  This involves stomping her feet and flapping her arms
  2. She will gladly put her hands together when you say "clap, clap, clap!"
  3. She melts hearts with all of the kisses she blows
  4. She throws her arms up when you say "Sooooo big!!!"
  5. She loves to do something naughty and look at me while shaking her finger and saying "No No!"
  6. She is really good at grabbing a book off the shelf and handing it to me, all while backing herself up to sit on my lap.  Melt.  
  7. If you ask her what a cow says she buzzes her mouth together like an elephant.  I can't decide if I want her to learn that a cow actually says "moo" or not :-)
  8. She loves to mimic me when I say "aaaaachooo!" and pretends to actually sneeze.
  9. She will wave anytime she sees someone new or thinks we are leaving.  If I am lucky she will say "buh-bye!"
  10. I am so thankful I got a little snuggler.  Belle was never much of a snuggler, but Evie so easily lays her head onto my chest and cozies right on up.  
Evie is also REALLY good at pulling hair (sorry, Rory!) and loves to lay down in the tub and flip around, which means her entire face goes under water.  She comes up smiling and it makes Belle laugh hysterically!

I love the stage my girls are at.  Evie is busy, but it is so much fun to see how much she is learning.  Belle is my little buddy and we play dolls and color more than I ever imagined.  Sure, there are days I lose my cool and want to pull my hair out, but when I head to bed each night I am so thankful for the sweet girls I am blessed to mother.  I kind of love that neither of them are sweet little perfect angels, because there is just something about a naughty little stinker that makes me smile and cringe all at the same time.  

Each day I am thankful for my girls and being able to watch them grow up.  They make me crazy most days, but that's motherhood right? :-)

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