Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Belle!

Kate Krueger Photography

Dear Belle,

How in the world did you become 4 already?!?!  I feel like I blinked and you went from a baby into this little girl before I could take it all in.

  1. You love to play pretend.  Actually, as I am typing this you are asking me to play house.  You want me to be the big sister, and you are going to be the mom.
  2. You love to dress up!  If it is a dress, an animal costume, or silly shoes you LOVE to wear it.  Many times we have gone out while you are in a princess dress.  I figure you can only get away with it while you are young, so I better let ya enjoy it :-)
  3. You love to mow the lawn with your dad. 
  4. You still love music and you love to sing.  I am amazed how quickly you memorize songs.  My favorite is when you are playing and I catch you making up your own little songs.
  5. Purple is still your favorite color. 
  6. You are a lover of anything princess.  You love all of the Disney Princesses, and love to dress like them.  I guess that is what I get for naming you "Belle." 
  7. Barbies!  You could watch Barbie movies over and over again, and you LOVE playing with them.  It is definitely one of your favorite toys.
  8. You are a girl who loves crafts and art.  Every time we are at Joanns or Hobby Lobby you request a craft.  I always give in, because I love to do the crafts with you while your sister naps.
  9. Speaking of Evie, you handle her SO well.  She often demolishes the blocks you built, the house you set up for Barbies, or any of your art projects but you handle her with grace (usually).   
  10. Nothing melts my heart more than how you HAVE to give Evie hugs and kisses before we put her down for a nap or for bedtime.   
  11. You are definitely a social girl, but you also do very well playing by yourself and coming up with your own things to entertain you.
  12. You still love to help me bake :-)  I am actually quite impressed with your ability to crack an egg!
  13. You are still a lover of animals and often remember loads of fun facts about them.  You get a Rick Jr. Magazine each month and you love to have it read to you so often, that eventually you are able to "read' it back to us.
  14. You have become obsessed with "being the leader" with everything.  I am not sure if you learned this concept in preschool or not, but you have often become extremely angry if I beat you down to the bottom of the steps or if I open a door before you.
  15. You are still a night owl, but you are much better at staying in your room at night and playing until you fall asleep (even if it is on the floor most often)  
  16. Potty training is still a major struggle.  You can do it, but you would rather play than go to the bathroom.  You seem perfectly content running around with wet pants, and have made it very clear you don't really care.  Oh, my stubborn and controlling girl, how much like your mother you are when you don't want to do something :-)
  17. You have finally become a snuggler :-)  You love to snuggle with your dad and I in bed, and you love to give us kisses and hugs before we leave.
  18. Speaking of snuggling in bed, you are a jumping bean!  You are a restless sleeper and hardly ever stop moving!  You often wake up upside down in your bed and I am shocked you haven't fallen out more than you do!
  19. You are still the queen of one-liners. The things you say keep your dad and I, as well as many others, laughing for days.  You have a witty personality and know how to entertain.
  20. You still love to be naked, and would prefer to be nude rather than hanging out at home with clothes on.
  21. You think hotel rooms are pure entertainment. 
  22. You invented the "party hand."  It came out of no where one day, but it has kept your dad and I laughing!   
  23. You are a charmer.  You know you are cute, and you love to chat with strangers. 
  24. Ever since you found out you were having a baby brother you have had to tell EVERYONE you run into.  I am thrilled that you are excited and proud to have a little brother, and I have no doubt you will be an amazing big sister to him.
  25. You thank God every night for snow...even in the middle of summer.  You love it, so it is a good thing we live in Michigan.  
  26. You can turn on and off the waterworks at the drop of a hat.  You might be crying one second, but if I mention cookies or cake the tears quickly stop and you are smiling and laughing. I am CERTAIN you must try out for the school play.
  27. You remember EVERYTHING!  I am amazed at your uncanny ability to remember details and events to things I would have never thought twice about had you not reminded me.    
  28. You love to be a helper.  Whether it is taking care of Mac, getting things for me, or helping me grocery shop, you like to be a part of the action.
  29. I have a feeling you are very similar to me when it comes to cleaning and organization.  I watch you play, and you have things EVERY WHERE!  Messes don't seem to bug you too much.  I am certain it is just part of our creative personalities ;-)
  30. You have already begun to ask me hard questions about God and Jesus.  You make me strive to grow deeper in my faith, so I can be a teacher and role model for you.  Thank you for your inquiring heart and tough questions.  Don't stop asking.
  31. You, Belle, are beautiful inside and out.  Don't ever forget.  

Keep singing, my sweet girl, and keep that sassy attitude that makes me cringe and laugh all at once.  You are one special girl, and I am so thankful that I get to keep watching you grow.  My heart aches when I realize how quickly you are growing up, but I am so thankful I get to be your mama.  Yes, we drive each other crazy often, but I know that is just what mothers and daughters do.

I love you!

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