Monday, February 24, 2014

Samuel John: One Month

How in the world has it already been a month!?!  Time flies when your having fun, right?...or in a dazed, sleep deprived stupor.

This month has been full of ups and downs.  Sam is what I would call your typical newborn.  He has had some great nights, and he has had some awful nights.  There at times where he sleeps for four hours straight, and other times when I can't get him to fall asleep to save my life.  The one thing that is certain is that this boy is cute :-)

Life with three kids has been a bit crazy and chaotic, but we are adjusting.  I think that the 3rd time around has proven to make life insane, but there is a sense of confidence and acceptance I didn't have with the first two.  I realize that I am outnumbered, but I am fully aware that this crazy newborn stage is short lived and that life does find some normalcy at some point.

Sweet and simple--Sam is awesome.  I already love snuggling him, smelling him, and adoring his dimples.  I can't get enough of watching Belle sing Frozen songs to him, and I am always surprised at the moments I see Evie kissing him.  He seems to handle his crazy sisters fairly well, and has adjusted to the loud volume of Evie screaming and Belle crying.

So far, breastfeeding is going well, and Sam has taken a bottle without skipping a beat.  This is always exciting for me, because it means I get a bit more freedom.  Paul loves giving the little guy a bottle every night and I enjoy a small break.  There is something amazing about being able to head to Meijer without feeling like I am on a timeline until Sam's next feeding.

I have had a few freak out moments when I realize I am in charge of 3 little lives, but my mantra lately has been "Today is going to be okay."  I have to repeat it to myself often when I feel the anxiety creep up of keeping this house together.  I recently read this blog post, and I am certain God put it in my FB newsfeed for a reason.  It's amazing how just telling myself things will be okay has helped me calm down and feel like I have it together!

All in all, we are adjusting to being a family of five.  It feels like Sam has always been a part of our family.  He fits in perfectly to our beautiful mess :-)

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