Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Samuel John: 4 Months

I am late in posting this, but figured late was better than never!

It is amazing how much a month can change things!  You have finally decided that since you can't go back into the womb, that you might as well be happier about life!  We are getting so many more smiles and tons of laughs.  You are able to stay awake for longer stretches of time, which has been a huge help.

Nights are still hit or miss.  You might give me a good 5 hour stretch one night, but the next night you are up 3-5 times a night.  At least you are now falling asleep after I nurse you, rather than getting mad and screaming for 20 minutes.

You have officially found your voice and you love to screech and chat while hanging out.  Belle has started to copy you, and I think it's adorable.  In fact, Belle is your favorite person ever.  She can get you to laugh even when you are exhausted, and she is a HUGE help.  She loves to give you a bottle, and the girls fight over who gets to bounce you.

Evie seems to forget that you are a fragile baby.  She bounces you too hard, or pokes your face.  She can't keep her hands off of you in the car, and I have to often shield her from you to protect you from a french fry being shoved in your mouth.

You are still into your thumb, and I LOVE to watch you when you find it.  It helps keep you napping longer and soothes you often when you need it.  You aren't completely pacifier free, as you like to have it in the car or when other people are snuggling you, but I am more than okay with that!

You are proving to be more and more of a "mama's boy."  I have a love/hate feeling toward this.  I love that you like to snuggle on me, but hate that sometimes it means I can't get much done.  I am trying to remind myself that you are only little once and the laundry can wait.

You are still a champ nurser, which makes me so happy!  Neither of your sisters lasted this long, so I am hoping we can get through at least another couple of months.  I am shocked, however, at how much you can eat.  You will finish a nursing session, and then down a 6-8oz bottle before bed!

Your hair is a HOT mess.  You're going bald on the sides and have this crazy mohawk thing in the middle.  Sorry, bud, it's pretty terrible.

You have started grabbing for toys and have found your hands.  You often go cross eyed trying to focus on them, and I laugh every time.  You have rolled over from front to back once, but I can tell you keep trying to do it more often.  No hurry on the movement, buddy!  I am fine with you sitting VERY still for a long time :-)

Love watching you grow, sweet boy.

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