Saturday, August 23, 2014

Samuel John: 7 Months

7 is Heaven!  7 months is one of my most favorite ages!  For one, you aren't moving quite yet, however, you are starting to sit up, so you are more easily entertained. I love watching you reach for toys, and every once in awhile get stuck because you have fallen backwards or face planted into the carpet.  Sorry, I find it cute :-)

You are consistently sleeping through the night!  Wahoo! You usually go to bed between 6 or 7 and will sleep straight until 5:30. I never thought you'd be sleeping through the night by 6 months, let alone consistently! I feel like a new woman!

You continue to try new foods, and you have started a little self-feeding. Baby Mum Mums have become a staple in this home and they are a great way to distract you when you are getting crabby in the car.  So far, you aren't much of a picky eater. I haven't found a food yet that you do not like. I sure hope this continues!

A few weeks ago you spent your first night away from me. You did great!  Meme took you for the night, so your dad and I could have a date night and hang out with friends. Even though you're my 3rd, I think that first night away is always a little bittersweet.

This past month you got your first haircut! Your hair has always been quite the talking piece, but it was time to clean it up a bit. Parts of the sides were really long, and the front was getting in your eyes. Can't say you were overly thrilled about your new 'do, but you look so handsome!

I love watching you hit new milestones, and I love watching you grow--I will say that I am still VERY content with you having very little movement!  Ha!  I'm not ready to put those baby gates back up quite yet!

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