Sunday, October 31, 2010


Nothing makes me happier than dressing my kid up and making her look as ridiculous as possible! I need to take advantage of this privilege as long as I can. It won't be long until she develops her own opinions and expresses them strongly. So, I chose to dress Belle up as a chicken. A chunky, little, waddling chicken.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays the past few years. My entire family gets together and we all watch the kiddos trick or treat in their costumes. Paul's brother, Marc, came to visit with our nephew Caden. Caden is so good with Belle and is obsessed with Mac. Paul and I love when he comes to visit because he is so stinking hilarious. That boy knows how to get attention and just when to turn on the charm. Love him.

The evening started with some trunk-or-treating at Providence CRC. Might I say that trunk or treating is my new favorite thing. It is the quickest and fastest way to get loads of candy! I think people in neighborhoods should sit at the end of their driveways and hand out candy. It would make the entire process much quicker! The rest of the night was spent be-bopping around Crystal Springs.

Belle's second Halloween was much more fun than her first. Last year, Paul literally drug the stroller around the neighborhood while Belle slept (she was only a month old). This year Belle was in her glory. She was VERY into the concept of getting free candy and having her own bowl all to herself. She had her head in her bowl almost the entire time. I found her with wrapped candy in her mouth that she was biting through. The girl couldn't get enough.

I know this is sappy and cheesy, but I literally love Belle more and more each day. I love watching all of the new things she learns and seeing how she experiences the world. She is walking all over and repeating a lot of things we say. Somehow she learned to wave to people as they drive by. Paul and I took her for a walk today and she waved at every car that drove by and said "hi." I didn't teach her that, and neither did Paul. Where did she learn that? The girl amazes me, not because I think she is so smart, but more because watching her grow up is so fun.

Can't wait for the holidays this year! Belle will actually have a clue what is going on (sorta, right?).

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Lindsy Griffis said...

I love your little chicken! I gotta see that little smartipants soon. And that bathtub picture is priceless!!