Monday, November 7, 2011

The Waiting Game

I have never been a patient person, which is why waiting for labor to begin is mind consuming! I am not even due, yet I have been analyzing every cramp, contraction, and tinge of abdominal pain for the past 2 weeks. I think half of the problem is that it is completely out of my control. I cannot really do anything to get labor going, except to wait for the good Lord to tell my body it's time.

This being said, I know the end is in sight and I am very ready. This is more than due to the discomfort of pregnancy, but also because I cannot wait to meet this little girl. There was definitely a time I was scared and not quite there (flashbacks of sleepless nights with Belle and complete uncertainty as to what I was doing), but this time I have confidence in myself, some skill set that has come with already going down this road, and the knowledge of how amazing it feels to hold that precious new baby and see her for the first time. I cannot wait to meet this new daughter of mine, smell her little head for the "baby smell," snuggle with her when she falls asleep anywhere, and do this extremely difficult yet rewarding journey again.

I know our life will get flipped upside down again, but I also know how worth it every crazy part of bringing a new baby into a family is. I know there will be days I pull my hair out, and pray for just 5 minutes to rest my eyes, but I also know we are going to have so much fun with "our girls."

So, bring on the pain, the labor, the contractions! I am over the anticipation and ready for this reality I have been preparing for. I know the end is in sight, and this is a good lesson in patience and my lack of control on so much of my life. Hopefully the next post is introducing our new little girl, rather than me desperately seeking more labor inducing advice (which hasn't been working by the way--walking, spicy food, labor cookies, sex, acupressure, bouncing on a yoga ball, eating pineapple, and raspberry leaf tea are all just things to do to occupy your mind while you wait around. I have decided that none actually hasten labor).

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