Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Know You're A Mom When...

I posted something on Facebook today about the things we do because we are moms that are so distinct to mothers. As I wrote it I got to thinking about more things I came up with quite the list. Here is my own personal list of


1. You have plans for tonight and start to get ready 8 hours before because that is when nap time is.
2. You find pacifiers in every pocket of every item of clothing you own.
3. Coupons for formula are something you would be willing to fight someone for.
4. You know what is going on in the life of Mickey Mouse, what kind of animal Diego is saving today, and you know the difference between a flathead and Philips screwdriver thanks to Handy Manny.
5. You deal with curdled milk on a daily basis.
6. Your puzzle skills are impeccable.
7. Showering and using the bathroom has now become a group activity.
8. You find yourself automatically baby proofing in places where your children aren't even present.
9. You make yourself an extra large plate of food because you know you will inevitably be sharing.
10. You can summarize any children's book in 2 minutes because they don't know you're not really reading it and you aren't in the mood for the 20 page book they chose for bedtime.
11. You trust no one can smell the baby spit up in your hair and rewashing it is just way too much you spray it with some water and comb it so it doesn't get crispy.
12. You talk in third person. "Mama loves you" "What did Mama say?" "Give it to Mama". And so on......
13. You have the daily debate in your head of what to do during nap time. Sleep? Clean? Shower?
14. Each grocery trip completed successfully makes you feel exhausted and all-powerful at the same time.
15. You know you would win a gold medal if "Changing diapers in the pitch dark while in a zombie state of mind" was an Olympic event.
16. Your children are dressed better than you.
17. The yogurt on your couch, fingerprints on the walls, and marker on the table have all become part of the "decor" of your home.
18. You have counted "1...2...3..." more times in the past day than you ever did during your entire year in kindergarten.
19. Your radio stations have been overtaken by CDs like "100 Best Kid Songs"
20. You get more excited about the latest animated film than anything starring Ryan Gosling.
21. You catch yourself singing the theme song to The Wonder Pets.
22. You have amazing upper arm strength, but haven't lifted actual weights in years.
23. You think a toddler cussing is one of the funniest things you have experienced...Until it's your own. And it's in public.
24. You have more plastic in your family room than a McDonalds play place.
25. Your car used to be clean.
26. Conversations with friends somehow always end up about poop.
27. You fear if anyone unexpectedly stops by during the day because they will know you haven't brushed your hair, you have mascara under your eyes, you have yet to put a bra on, and you are still in your pjs after noon.
28. You have cussed more times at the person who rang your doorbell during nap time than you can count.
29. You use bath time more for an activity to kill time than to actually wash your kids.
30. You get more excited over a new diaper bag than a purse.
31. You can't believe that your high school self thought she was fat.
32. Going on vacation with your spouse is still amazing, but you are ready to leave and get home by the end of the week.
33. You get excited over bags of milk in your REALLY excited.
34. You have a love/hate relationship with toys with sounds, lights, and movement.
35. You seem to always have a bag of fruit snacks in your purse.
36. You know what zulilly is.
37. You have had heated discussions regarding Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, Babywise, and Happiest Baby on the Block.
38. You pray your doctor tells you it's an ear infection.
39. If it's an item that's $500, but helps your kid sleep it's a steal!
40. The breast pump: Best Friend and Worst Enemy
41. You have envied another woman's minivan.
42. You have pinned at least one website about activities for toddlers.
43. You think your husband is the sexiest when he is baby-wearing.
44. You forgot how good Snack Packs really are.
45. You always leave baby showers in amazement over "what will they come out with next?" and annoyed with yourself that you didn't think of it first.
46. You really just drink wine because after an entire day with kids it reminds you that you are an adult.
47. You have seriously debated whether or not you could run into buy a pop at the gas station without someone calling CPS on you for leaving your kids in the car.
48. You have new names for things in your house. For example Lucky Charms have now become "Monkey Charms"
49. You know how disappointing it is when your husband calls to say he'll be late because your creativity for new activities to entertain the kids is quickly dwindling.
50. You know how easy it is to sacrifice your own needs, wants, and desires for the sake of your kids.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend Sunday Morn. Even though I am in the Grandmom stage now this was so funny and these are things you never forget now matter how old you get. Thanks and I hope you continue to do such a great job of raising your family.
Peace and Love