Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here Goes Nothing

So much has been happening lately! I feel like there is so much to share.

Ever since Evie was born I have been experiencing a lot of odd symptoms. I have been suffering from migraines, heart palpitations, numbness and tingling, vertigo, and auras. Scary stuff, huh? I had been ignoring these symptoms for awhile hoping they would go away, but they have not. From the urging of my sister, I finally called the doctor. First, I was tested for Graves Disease, which was ruled out, and then sent to get an MRI to check for multiple sclerosis, tumors, or an aneurysm. Side note- I wasn't too scared for the MRI, but once in I thought I was going to have a panic attack! I anxiously waited for the results and drove myself a little nuts with the "what ifs" if something came back I didn't want to hear. Thankfully, results came back normal! At this point the doctor believes I have atypical migraines, but we will discuss it more next week. Either way, the scary stuff has been ruled out!

In other news, I have decided to attempt to run a 5k. If you know me, you may have just fallen off your chair or laughed out loud. Don't worry, I am still laughing at this new endeavor. This has come about from a bit of fear from this health stuff, as well as a challenge to myself.

The fact is that I am not a health nut, nor even the slightest bit worried about working out and healthy eating. I know this is not good. I am an example to my daughters and need to teach them that it is important to take care of your body....for health reasons, not necessarily just for vanity. I like to eat fries way more than I like to eat celery. In fact, eating healthy makes me crabby. I have also never really desired to work out. I feel it takes too much time and far too much energy. I really hate anything that hurts!

So why do a 5k? I am turning 29 next week. Clearly I am not getting any younger. I am also not getting any healthier by doing nothing. Running a 5k would prove it to myself that I can actually do something I hate, and maybe I might start to like it (ha! I hope)!! I plan on doing the Bridge Run on September 16th. The goal is to complete. I have no time goal, and really just want to cross the finish line before I die.

I'll keep ya updated on my progress. Here goes nothing!

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Jenni said...

Glad to hear all the scary things came back negative Betsy - hope the symptoms go away!! And good job on signing up for the 5k;) You're motivating me!! (And I need that big time lol!!)