Saturday, August 11, 2012

9 Months

So happy do be 9 months old!

Quit taking pictures of me!!!!

Get the smile while you can!

Happy for a quick second.  Belle made me laugh and I forgot I was mad.

So sad.  So tired.

Wants to crawl soooo bad!

It's official. Evie has been out just as long as she was in. Where has the time gone?

Ev is sooooo very close to crawling. She wants to so bad, and is easily frustrated that she can't move around as much as she wants. She can roll around everywhere and easily pushes herself up into a sitting positing. I have a feeling it will only be a matter of a couple more weeks before she is completely on the loose.

This girl laughs and smiles at everything. It does not take much at all to get her belly laughing. She will go from a cry to a laugh in no time (as you can tell from the pics above). Evie thinks Belle is hysterical. Nothing is sweeter than driving around and hearing my girls laughing at each other. Today, Evie was laying on the ground and Belle was hugging her and they were both just laughing away. Melt my heart.

Evie is becoming a better napper and much easier to predict as far as a schedule goes. She is still a fabulous night sleeper (thank goodness!).

We are pretty much done with baby food. I hate baby food. Evie would much rather I put her in her booster with small bits of food and feed herself. She makes a mess (much like her older sister), but it is definitely an activity that occupies her for awhile.

Evie could sit in a bath forever. The girl loves a bath, but likes them best when Belle is in there with her. Belle is instant entertainment for Evie, and sometimes when Evie is awake and Belle is asleep I find she is a bit fussier and quickly bored.

Other than basic milestones, Evie experienced her first trip to the UP. She was a gem and we hardly knew she was there. She loves the beach and slept like a champ! Car rides aren't her favorite, but again, Belle is great for entertainment!

Sorry the pics are all sideways.  I didn't have enough energy to flip them around.  As you can tell from the pics, the session was a bit crazy!  

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JMLF said...

Aw!! What a doll! Can't wait to see her tomorrow!