Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diva Zone

**Warning: I do not edit my photos because I am lazy and really have no clue how.  I apologize in advance for amateur "photography," but clearly I have been too busy building a stage ;-) **

What do you do when your daughter is a diva, your husband can build most anything, and you have an ugly fireplace you want to hide?  Build a stage for your kids!

I have to admit that this stage began as an idea and become something WAY cooler than I thought it would be.  When I first pitched the idea to my husband he wasn't sure if he was too keen on it, but thankfully his love to create and build got the better of him and he was on the Internet searching some HGTV stage ideas.

Not only can Paul build, but he is very logical and resourceful.  He wanted to make sure the space the stage took up was not going to be completely wasted, so he actually made 6 cubby holes for me to slide baskets in.  I figured this would be an ideal place to store instruments, costumes, and other such diva necessities.

See that little basket under there??  
Now, no stage is complete without a solid set of curtains.  I bought a double curtain rod over at Home Depot, and then headed on over to Hobby Lobby to pick out my fabrics.  I knew I wanted the curtains to be fun and playful.  I love how the blue back curtain fabric is light and whimsical, and how the chevron yellow adds a playful design.

I have to be honest here-I do not sew.  I didn't sew ANY of the curtains, but instead I used Stitch Witchery, which is my new best friend.  Once the curtains were up I felt like they were missing something, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  I knew I wanted them longer, but wasn't quite sure how to do this.  A second trip back to Hobby Lobby and Belle was begging me to buy the sparkly pink tassel edging you see.  I was hesitant, and worried it would look like way too much color.

I need to give my kid more credit for her creative eye.  In my opinion, this pink edging was THE key component in pulling this entire thing off.  I added some to the bottom of my chevron curtains and then had enough left to wrap it around the bottom of the stage--which ended up being WAY more amazing than I expected.

The last component was the paint.  I knew I had to go more neutral since I had the bright blue, yellow, and pink.  I settled on gray, but knew I wanted to add something to keep it playful.   I was thrilled to find Valspar Paint Crystals.  What a phenomenal product!  You add these crystals to your can of paint and they add an amazing and subtle hint of glitter, without looking like it was dumped on top.  The sparkle is enough to make the stage fun without making it cheap.  The funny thing is that I used an entire bag in one quart of paint, when they suggest one bag per gallon.  My philosophy is "Go big, or go home!"

Mixing in the glittery goodness
Do you see just the subtle hint of sparkle??

So, there it is!  A little fabric, paint, and wood and we have a stage I am insanely proud of!  Belle and Evie already love it, and I know it will continue to be a hit.  Now we need to stock up on some instruments!

Please admire the completed project while ignoring the vacuum in the corner!
Oh, and I almost forgot!  The sign on top of the mantle was an old framed poster Paul had and didn't like.  I covered it up with some chalkboard paint and quickly scribbled "Thompson Theater" on it.  Small little touch, but I think it's kinda cute!  Now I am on the look-out for some of those theater drama masks to put on either side!

I also anticipate some stage lighting soon from Paul.  There is no possible way he is going to be able to leave this stage alone without adding his own creative flare....although I might need to say something if he tries to bring in a hazer!

Already working on her microphone dips
Ta-da!  Time to take a bow!

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