Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Girls

Lately, I have been going back to look at pictures of Belle when she was the same age as Evie.  It's crazy to me how alike, yet different, they are.

By this point I think Belle had many more words in her vocabulary.  She was saying loads of animal noises, and repeating a lot of what we were saying.  Evie, not so much.  She has a few words in her vocabulary, but I notice that she doesn't soak words up and repeat them like Belle did.  She is just not interested.  Evie has the basics down, and I think Belle was actually advanced in her verbal skills, so I'm not worried.

Looking back at old pictures I also found this of Belle.

She is the same age as Evie is currently.  The thought of Evie sitting down and even KIND OF painting is hilarious to me.  I can't even give her a crayon or marker without her biting the end off.  Belle did, and still does, well at focused activities.  She likes to sit and do a craft or paint a picture.  Evie---not so much.  I have found that Evie is a wanderer.  She is much more of an explorer than Belle was.  Don't get me wrong, Belle used to get into things (we all remember the vaseline and permanent markers, right?), but she didn't constantly go from room to room looking for what she could climb, throw, or fling herself off.  

Belle's Vaseline Victim

Another difference I have is that Evie has a MUCH stronger personality than Belle.  Belle has always been pretty stubborn and head strong, but Evie is in a different realm!  This girls knows what she wants, and very rarely am I able to distract her with something else.  This often leads to many temper tantrums, but thank goodness they are short lived :-)

I know it is so cliche, but I really am amazed at how quickly things go.  I cannot wait to see what crazy things Evie has to say once she starts really talking....we all know Belle has quite the one-liners!  I also can't wait to see watch as Belle continues to become more independent and capable of doing things on her own.

As it currently stands, I foresee Belle being my actress on Broadway and Evie will be my Olympic athlete.  Here's hoping they both get college scholarships!

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