Monday, July 1, 2013

Zone Defense

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Many of you who are friends with me on Facebook have probably already seen the official announcement that we are indeed expecting our 3rd child!  The official due date is January 21st.

So far, I haven't felt as fearful about #3 as I felt about #2.  I think it is because I know what it is like to add another child to the family.  I have realized that I am actually capable of keeping more than one human being alive at once!  Obviously, adding a child to any family will change up the dynamics a bit, but as of now I am excited and looking forward to the new addition.

Belle is ecstatic and loves to tell everyone that "there is a baby in Mama's belly."  I have a feeling that this time around she is going to be my BIG helper and will be much more interested in what is happening.  Obviously, Evie has no clue what is headed her way, but I have a strong hunch that a younger sibling will do her some good :-)

As far as pregnancy symptoms, I am definitely feeling the nausea like I have with my previous pregnancies.  THANK THE LORD for Zofran, or I would not be able to get myself out of bed!  I did not have this miracle drug with Belle, and I could have used it.  I was also sick my entire pregnancy with Evie, so I am hoping that this time around the nausea starts to fade away shortly.

The exhaustion is what is really killing me.  I'm not sure if it is just this pregnancy, the fact that I am almost 30, OR because I am chasing two other children, but I haven't been this exhausted with any of my other two pregnancies.  I find myself thinking of how to sneak in naps and have totally let my children watch far too much television so I can take a rest on the couch.  I am also hoping this goes away as second trimester approaches!

As always, I ask for prayers for a healthy pregnancy.  I do not take anything for granted and I am beyond humbled and thankful for this child growing inside of me.  I have actually not heard the heartbeat yet.  My 12 week appointment is next week Friday, and although I assume all will be fine because I am feeling all sorts of pregnant, I also know that anything can happen.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and congratulations we have received!  We feel so blessed!

Kate Krueger Photography

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