Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Evelyn Joy!

Dear Evie,

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet Evie!  I can't believe it has been another year that you have been in our lives.  It's amazing how much we have learned about you in just a year, but you have been certain to let your personality show!  You have been quite a joy (and challenge) to watch grow this year!

  1. Thank goodness we had health insurance for you this year.  This year you received not one, but TWO sets of stitches.  Both in your face.  You handled them much better than your mother.  Your second set of stitches was done in the ER and you made sure to charm the pants off of everyone there.  They loved you!
    Can hardly see the stitches in the side of your mouth!
    First set, and not the best location.  Thankfully, it has healed amazing!
  2. Your hair is still something to talk about it.  People often mention your curls and how they bounce all over as you run.  They are a bit of your trademark.

  3. You are still a great night sleeper.  You continue to be a shorter napper than your sister was, but you usually give me a full night of sleep, so I can't complain.
  4. You have a love for the water, which also includes a lack of fear!  You could play in the water all day.  We have to be careful, though, because this past summer you jumped in Aunt Jill's pool without your life jacket on and when we pulled you up you were all smiles.  
    Who needs bathing suits?!?!
  5. You started speaking in sentences.  You sort of skipped the one word sentences, and went straight to the 2-4 word sentences.  Your favorites are "Let go!"  "I want Daddy."  "I want a movie."  "I want more."
  6. You still don't seem to have much of an attention span for toys.  You would prefer to climb on the table, the counter, etc.  We have actually had to put the chairs and stools up to stop you from climbing on top of everything.
  7. You still LOVE to be chased.  You ask to play "I Got You," and then you start running!  I am certain you would play this all day if you found someone with enough stamina to keep up with you.
  8. I love to watch you and Belle together.  You two are beginning to play together more, and watching you play games like tag and hide and seek is my favorite.  My sisters are my favorite people, so I am thankful you have each other.
    Up to no good.  
  9. You love music.  You love to dance, although your dance moves are interesting!
  10. You LOVE to take baths, but they are often short lived.  I have actually caught you in the tub after you took of your own diaper, hopped in, and then started the water all on your own!
  11. You are SUCH a snuggler.  You are one busy kid, but you sure know how to climb onto my lap, lay your head on me, and snuggle right in.  It is my favorite ever and I am going to miss it someday when you stop.
  12. Your smile is still infectious.  You use it to charm everyone around you.
  13. You mimic everything your sister does.  You have learned to push chairs to the table and counter after watching Belle do it, in order to get things out of the cabinets and cupboards.
  14. Grocery shopping is not your favorite.  Honestly, most stores are not your favorite.  You hate being in a cart and hate to be buckled in even more.  We have had many "Battles of the Will" getting your to sit in the cart!
  15. You love your daddy.  He is ALWAYS cooler than mom, and I don't blame you for feeling that way.  I love that you ask where he is most mornings when I go in to get you, and your race to the door when you hear him come home.
  16. Your favorite foods are apples, eggs, any sort of junk food, and spaghetti.  However, rather than eat anything, you prefer to throw it all over the dining room!
  17. Speaking of throwing, you have a decent arm on you for a 2 year old!  You even chucked a sippy cup and hit Belle in the head the other day when she went in your room after your nap.  She since opens your door and runs out as fast as she can to avoid another injury!
  18. One of your favorite games is screaming as loud as you can and making Belle cry.  You think it's hilarious, and Belle hates every minute of it (so do I)
  19. You have perfected the dirty look when we ask you to "Be Serious," and you are quite good at putting those hands on your hips and scowling at us when you don't get your way.  It is one of our favorite things you do!  
  20. You love love love shoes!  You will put on anyone's shoes and wear them like they are your own!
  21. Your seem to really love the movie, Cinderella.  It is the one movie you will sit and watch the majority of.  This has been a life saver for me when I am trying to clean something or make dinner.
  22. You ask to go potty, but this pretty much consists of you sitting on the toilet, throwing in some toilet paper, and running away without pants or a diaper on.  You have yet to go, but I am not pushing it.  I have a feeling you are a kid who will resist if I push, so I'll wait till you are ready all on your own.
  23. You love on Mac, but aren't always so nice to him..  Thank goodness he is an easy going dog!  You love to give him kisses as much as you like to pull his tail.  You also have a real obsession with his food and water.
  24. You love nothing more than running around the chairs in the Worship Center at church.  As soon as I get you out of nursery you want to head to find Daddy and then you run back and forth.  It's easy to spot you with your hair bobbing around the room!
  25. You seem to have a desire to eat crayons, paint, and markers.  When I ask you to stop, you then choose to color on yourself.  Not sure what this is all about, but I sure hope you outgrow it soon!
  26. You have your father's adventurous spirit, and your mother's headstrong personality.  Both characteristics can drive me crazy, but I know they will become your greatest strengths one day.
  27. You remind me so often are the simple things in life I could so easily miss.  When we are outside you point out every single bird, plane, and dog that passes by.  You are observant and hardly miss a beat.
  28. You are quick!  You have found your way outside without us knowing more than once, and we have caught you standing on the patio furniture when we were certain you were inside playing.  We are going to have to keep a close eye on you in your teenage years!
  29. You have rightfully earned yourself the nickname "Cray-Cray."  Enough said.
  30. You are going to be one great big sister!  I have a feeling you will want to be more hands on than Belle was with you.  You are already interested in babies and love to kiss on them.  Your baby brother is in for quite the adventure with you!
Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!  I feel so blessed that God gave you to us and entrusted me to be your mother.  You definitely keep life interesting, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you for your sass, your spunk, and your hilarious personality.  You are such a blessing my crazy girl!  Keep charming us with that smile!

Love, Mom

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