Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm?

I hate to liken welcoming a new baby into our family as a "storm," but when it comes down to it this is truly the calm before life gets flipped upside down for awhile.  There is much I am anticipating, and much I am not sure I am ready to take on quite yet.

Right now things seem to be getting in order at our house.  I am almost done with the nursery and love seeing it come together.  I may have had more fun putting together a little boy room than either of my girls' rooms!  Belle and Evie have both transitioned easily into their new bedrooms--thank goodness!  Belle convinced me to put her in the basement bedroom.  I was reluctant at first, but she has loved it!  I think she likes having a bit more privacy!  Evie is still in a crib and we have no plans to move her to a bed anytime soon.  She is more than capable of climbing in and out, but so far it hasn't posed a huge I am crossing my fingers and hoping it lasts!

There is still quite a bit on the "To-Do" list before this little man gets here.  It's funny how I have this idea that we have to get the "house in order" before he is here.  I had a great reminder yesterday by a mother in our MOPS group who just had a baby.  She told me how they didn't even have newborn diapers at their house and had to quick swing by the store on the way home from the hospital.  I have to remind myself that very little has to get done before he comes.   Yes, I'd like his bedroom finished, but he'll probably sleep in our room a bit to start out.  Yes, I'd like the carpet fixed in the basement and our treadmill moved out of the hallway--but it really doesn't matter if this is done before or after the baby comes.  I think it is just the nesting mother in me that is trying to dot all my "i's" and cross all my "t's."

Physically, I am feeling great.  I am just getting over a cold that I was ironically thankful for having.  There is a part of me that feels like if I was sick now I won't possibly be sick in a month, right?  I have the normal pregnancy ailments of struggling to bend down, heartburn, being out of breath when I climb the stairs, and a child that kicks me in the bladder.  However, none of them bother me too bad right now.  I am sure that in a few weeks I'll be over being pregnant, but at this point I am still feeling good.

Emotionally, I am so excited to meet this little man.  I can't wait to see who he looks like, smell his sweet little head, and have him fall asleep on my chest.  However, I also know the other side of a newborn is sleepless nights, an unpredictable baby, and just basic adjustment to a new member in the family.  Right now he is very easy to take care of all snug in my belly.  I know once he comes out it is "game on."

I feel much more confident this time around, than when I was pregnant with Evie.  Before having Evie I was unsure as to how I was going to care for more than one child.  Obviously, I have that figured out.  I am not so worried about how to care for a third, but more concerned with how to keep Evie from getting into mischief while I am nursing :-)  I am worried about the exhaustion and trying to care for the needs of three children while caring for myself and the house we live in.  I know I will find a groove, and it will all become second nature like it all did two years ago when we had Evie.

So, that is where I am at right now.  I am certain the next post from me will be to announce the arrival of our new little man.  It's crazy to think I could safely have him as early as December 31st, and even crazier that it could be as late as February 4th!  I am due on the 21st, but I am thinking a baby around the 14th sounds about perfect!

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Emily said...

Maybe you'll be blessed with the easiest baby ever and it won't even seem chaotic! That happens (to liars mostly, I think).