Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Samuel John -- 3 Months

Oh, Sam, how much things can change in a month!  I feel like you are FINALLY getting your nights figured out.  We have had many more nights where you nurse and go right back to sleep.  In fact, we have had many nights where you only wake up once!!! Your mother is feeling much more refreshed, and less like a zombie!

You still aren't a fan of your car seat or stroller, but you love to lay on the floor or hang out in your bouncy seat.  You also love to lay on my legs and smile at me.  

Right now you still aren't real into your pacifier.  This kind of petrifies me, but I'm hoping you find your thumb.  I have notice you sucking on your hand a lot, so maybe I'll get lucky!

We just started to sleep train you.  I was hoping to wait a bit longer to do this, but you have proven to be a kid who needs this.  You don't just fall asleep wherever anymore, and you seem to be over your swing.  The last few times I have put you in your swing you arched your back so much that you almost pushed yourself right out!  You are a kid who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want!  Thankfully, you are really into your crib.  You have transitioned into your crib easier and quicker than your sisters did. 

Your dimples and hair are still your trademark.  Your hair is thinning a bit, but I am holding on to hope that you won't lose it all like your sister, Belle, did!  

You are starting to outgrow your 3 months clothing already!  I still feel like I should be able to consider you a newborn, but you're getting too big too fast!  Slow down! My heart can't keep up, sweet boy!

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