Sunday, April 27, 2014

Slice of Heaven

There are many days I post about my rough "mom days," but today I just want to talk about how full my heart is.  Today was not extraordinary, but for some reason while I watched my little family I sat back and enjoyed this tough stage of life.  This stage can be exhausting, but there are so many pieces of it I want to bottle up and take with me into the next stage so I don't forget.

Today I watched my oldest master the skill of riding a bike without training wheels.  I was inside nursing Sam watching out the window as Paul worked with Belle.  I am certain the smile on her face as she zoomed by the house on those two wheels will forever remain in my memory.  

Today we laughed at Evie (shocking, right?)  We sat eating dinner and as Paul talked she looked at him, pointed at his plate, and said "keep eating!"  Think she has heard that a time or two?!?!

Today I snuggled on Sam as he fought his first cold.  There is something so sad hearing a baby cry with such a raspy voice.  He surprisingly has handled feeling sick rather well!  It might be harder on me that it has been on him.

Today I played a game of "Go Fish" with Paul and Belle.  We laughed at Belle who still had to be told how to play the game with every turn and had to comment on the picture on each card.   

Today I watched Evie figure out how to FINALLY get those pedals moving on her bike.  The girl worked so hard that by 6:30 she was exhausted and more than ready for bed.  When we brought her in she just kept, "I want to go outside!  I want to ride bike!"

Today I laughed as Sam would go back and forth from a cry to a smile within seconds.  It's as if he couldn't decide if he wanted to be happy or sad.  One thing is certain--he has a pouty lip that pulls on this mama's heart strings!

Today we celebrated as Belle worked hard to avoid an accident.  We are STILL struggling with her, and there are days it seems like a lost cause, but today we celebrated.

Today I cracked up as Evie and I had a "dance off."  I would do a dance move, and then she would mimic it.  Surprisingly, she is pretty good at the Shopping Cart--although, not so good at the Macarena.

Today I grinned each time I saw Sam put his thumb in his mouth.  I just can't get over how stinking cute it is to watch him suck on his thumb.  We are so used to pacifiers over her, so this is a fun change!

Today as I headed out to Meijer I had to pry Belle off of me who so badly wanted me to stay. I had hung out with the girl ALL morning, but for some reason she just didn't want me to leave.  I was annoyed at the time, but think I should take in every moment she wants to spend with me NOW, because eventually hanging with her mom might not be so cool to her.

Today I told myself I that I have to record Evie some nap time. Without fail her routine is to pray, to kiss me, to hug me, and then she says "Goodbye Mommy, I love you, muah!"

Today I got excited about the clothes Sam is starting to fit into as he gets bigger, but lamented a bit the clothes he has grown out of.  Getting so big, so fast.

Today I helped Belle write a story about Barbie, Stacy, and Chelsea.  It was all about some race where the medals were lost and they had to go on a mission to find them.  In the meantime, Barbie broke her leg, and then two of them got sick.  Perfect sense, right?!?

Today I watched Evie trying to lay on her sister while watching a movie.  Belle wasn't so into it, but my Evie tried her hardest. That girl LOVES to snuggle, or as she says "sungle."

Today I gave Sam's dimples hundreds of kisses.  I cannot get enough of that sweet smile of his.

Today was a day to take joy in the small things and to not let the day in and day out of this stage get me down.  There are so many sweet moments that I don't want to miss because I am too busy worrying about the not-so-sweet moments.  This little family of mine is the only one I have and I want to enjoy this slice of Heaven God has given me.

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