Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Isabelle Mae!

5 years. How in the world did we get here? Some days I feel like I have always been a mom, and then other days I feel like I was just in the hospital holding you in my arms scared to death and beyond in love. Happy 5th Birthday, sweet girl.

This past year I feel like you have truly grown by leaps and bounds, and everyday you amaze me at the person you are becoming.

  1. This year you have become so much more independent.  You like to do so much on your own, and you are GOOD at it. You remind me every day how much less and less you need me to do things for you.
  2. My girl, you are an athlete. You picked up the RipStick in Traverse City and haven't stopped. You started soccer a couple weeks ago and you are "that girl" on the team who is scoring all the goals and even elbowing her own teammates to get to the ball.  We will most likely have to discuss what it means to be part of a team, but for now it's fun to watch your competitive side.
  3. I never knew how much I would rely on you when Sam was born.  You became an extension of myself in a smaller person form.  Sam was born and you literally became my extra set of hands. You hold his bottle, you bring me diapers, you pick out his clothes, and you entertain him. You have taken the role of "big sister" to an entirely new level. 
  4. Now, with Evie, it is a different story. I am so sorry about how much abuse you have to tolerate at the hands of your sister.  Evie isn't nice to you.  She is an antagonist, and you are the world's easiest target.  Someday you will understand why I keep telling you to ignore her. 
  5. Music is still something you absolutely love. Whether you are belting out every lyric to "Let It Go" at Silver Lake Resort & Campground  or making up your own song it's obvious that music has a place in your heart.
  6. You love school. I am pretty sure that it's all the crafting, playing, and coloring. 
  7. A few weeks ago you took your first of many rides on the school bus. You were confident and excited and hopped on without looking back. I, however, was a sobbing mess the entire walk back to the house. To me, riding the bus was such a HUGE reminder to me of how quickly you are growing.
  8. You still ask me questions about God. We have had to work through the ones where you tell me you want to die so you can go to Heaven, but watching you grow in your faith has helped me grow in mine.
  9. You are still the drama queen of the family. I am amazed at your ability to go from 0 to 60 over basically nothing. You are also able to turn the tears off at the drop of a hat. 
  10. This year I have loved watching you conquer your fears. You used to be so scared of the water, but after swim lessons with Miss Rita it was hard to get you OUT of the pool. 
  11. Although I feel I am learning to give you more independence, I am also learning that your age is still very unpredictable.  One of the scariest moments I have ever had as a parent was a few weeks ago when you and the neighbor girl decided to ride your bikes to Target while I was inside bathing Sam and Evie. Within 10 minutes you and your little buddy had trekked your butts down to the Target parking lot, played around for a bit, before some VERY nice people decided to help escort you home. I will never forget the look on your face and the conflicted feelings I had. I was SO relieved, yet so angry. I am sure there will be many more of moments like that to come, but for now I am keeping a closer eye on you!
  12. You are such a sappy kid. You get teary eyed anytime I mention about how big you are getting. It cracks me up that you are able to relate to this emotion (or at least mimic it.)
  13. You are already particular with your clothes. We have had many morning arguments about what you are going to wear. I often pick my battles, but sometimes matching your clothing isn't SO bad.
  14. I love that you are still convinced that you are going to marry you cousin, Owen.
  15. You love going on dates with your dad and it makes me smile. He takes you to get donuts at Marge's, and I am quite impressed with how good you share that time when Dad invites Evie along too.
  16. I love watching your creative side. You are in that stage of life where everything is make believe, and you love to "pretend." It's hilarious to watch the mob of neighbor girls outside running from one end of the road to the other playing out one scenario after another.
  17. You are a yeller.  The minute you are mad about something you let the lungs go and it hurts my ears. You also have a hard time calming down once you are this mad. Needless to say, we don't get along too well when you do this.
  18. I love the different ways you talk with Evie. There are moments where you are screaming and yelling at her because she IS your worst enemy. Then there are the moments you talk to her like she is a baby and your voice is sweet and syrupy.  I am pretty sure you do this because it makes you feel like you are the superior older sister.
  19. This past year we moved your bedroom downstairs and you didn't skip a beat. I was worried that you would be scared and not like it, but in many ways I feel that it is just the personal space you need.  
  20. Unfortunately, you have still proven to be so much like your mother with you ability to literally lose everything that comes into contact with you. Fairly certain that we will find lost shoes for years to come.
  21. You never remember to grab your back pack. Never. You will leave it in every minivan that drops you off. I am actually rather shocked it makes it off the bus with you.
  22. You just got your ears pierced and thoroughly impressed me with how tough you are. I am pretty sure I was more nervous than you. You decided you wanted them done and never looked back. You handled it like a champ and you LOVE showing your "rainbow daisies" off.
  23. Your favorite iPad games are Minecraft and Scribblenauts. I am fairly certain that it is because of Scribblenauts that you know how to spell a ton of words already.
  24. You STILL love the snow even after last year's winter. Thank goodness you were born in Michigan.
  25. Your newest thing is to tell me that you can't walk, or bend down, etc when I ask you to complete a chore. Keep trying.
  26. This past summer you learned to ride a 2 wheel bike. You then proceeded to wake up each morning and ride that bike up and down the neighborhood for hours and hours. I have never seen you more proud or eager to "show off" your skills.
  27. Your favorite color is still purple. I am certain it always will be.
  28. I absolutely love one on one time with you. You are getting to the age where we can have some really great conversations and you ask awesome questions. I look forward to how much more fun this will be as you continue to get older.
  29. I love that we chose to send you to DK instead of Kindergarten and you never skipped a beat. I thought you might be upset knowing you'd be in Kindergarten next year without Owen and Maia, but you talk about it openly and seem to have no problem with this. It's such a great reminder of the things adults can get worked up over that kids handle with great resilience. 
  30. You are my heart, sweet girl. These past 5 years you have strengthened me, challenged me, enriched me, and have made me see life from a new perspective. I am so grateful to you for the love you give to me, and I cannot believe that God chose ME to be your mom. You are spectacular and I can only imagine how much more in love with you I will be in another 5 years.
I love you!

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