Sunday, October 26, 2014

Samuel John: 9 Months

Welp, it's official.  You have been out in this world as long as you were in my belly growing.  Crazy how fast time goes!

This past month was a big month for you.  You got two teeth in within days of each other, and JUST today you got in a tooth on top.  And, I am certain you have already figured out how to grind them together because I keep hearing it and it's making me cringe a little.

A few weeks ago you were baptized.  Bepa baptized you and we had our entire family and many friends there.  You were a champ through the whole thing.  You never cried and even flashed your dimples at the entire congregation.

You are still so close to crawling, but not quite there yet.  This doesn't mean that you can't move, because you get yourself everywhere by rolling and scooching backwards.  You can also go from rolling on the ground to sitting yourself up.  I am certain that crawling is going to happen any day now, and then it is time to get all those baby gates out!

You are by far my largest baby yet! At your last well child appointment you topped the scale at 23.3lbs and you were 29.5" long...putting you at the 95th percentile for weight and the 90th for height. I think maybe your large size is the delay on the crawling :-)  That is a while lot of weight to drag around!  I absolutely love my "Fat Baby."

You have pretty well moved on to eating finger foods.  You are a tough kid to feed, because you just want to hold the spoon, or you bite down and won't give it back.  Therefore, I pretty much cut everything we eat up into tiny pieces for you, and you are perfectly content feeding yourself.

You are my earliest riser compared to your sisters at your age, which means that I have had to be much more relaxed with how I work your schedule.  You are usually up by 5:30 am, give me two naps during the day, and are back to sleep by 5:30/6pm.  I am pretty sure it is the plight of the 3rd kid, but you seem to be pretty flexible with your schedule and often have to get woken up or stay awake longer due to your sisters' schedule or other things we have happening.  Ha, or maybe it's the fact that the 3rd time around I am even more relaxed! ;-)  Probably a little bit of both!

9 months in!  Whew, that has gone fast. And, seriously, look how handsome you are!

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