Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Samuel John: 8 Months

Nothing major to report this month.  Developmentally, you are sitting up better, and you are DYING to crawl. You pivot around on your belly, but you haven't quite figured out how to move forward. I can tell it drives you nuts, because you get cranky real fast when you can't get to where you want to.

This month you were diagnosed with your first ear infection.  Actually, you had a double ear infection and the doctor said that one of them was close to bursting.  I was SO thankful I trusted my gut instinct. To all those moms out there--if you think something is wrong go with it.

This month you have become much better at feeding yourself. It actually gives me another "activity" to do with you to help you not get cranky. You love to sit in your booster, shove food in your mouth, and watch your sisters and I run around you.

You are such a fat baby, and I LOVE it. Your thighs are phenomenal!  You are currently in 12 months clothing (21.6lbs), but I have a feeling you will be in 18 months soon. You aren't as much of a squishy baby as you are a stout baby! I cannot get enough of it.

You just got yourself a second hair cut. It is still your trademark and people comment on it all the time. You will always be "Little Elvis."

Thanks for your killer smile, you little laughs, and your snuggles. 

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