Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Samuel John: 11 Months

Sooooo, I am 2 weeks late on this post, and in 2 weeks I will be posting about you being a year old!  Figured I needed to quick sneak this in.  Here is what happened in your 11 month.

You still struggle with ear infections.  We FINALLY got you into the ENT and basically sat around until the 1st of the year until we could schedule tubes.  I feel awful of you.  You have pretty much been on antibiotics since September, and I can tell that even when they infections are gone the fluid drives you nuts.  Soon, little buddy....

Nothing new to report really.  You celebrated your first Thanksgiving.  We went to Mema and Bepa's house.  You really are a terrible traveller.  You HATE getting into your carseat, and still cry every time I put you in it, but a 2 hour drive did you in.  Hoping that it's all ear related.

You crawl every where and get into everything.  The cupboards are your favorite.  You pull everything out, and I am okay with it since it keeps you occupied.

Everything goes in your mouth right now.  You are OBSESSED with Mac's food, and have eaten more than your share of play-doh.

I think that's about it!  More in 2 weeks :-)

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