Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Away Postpartum Body

I am finally hitting my breaking point with how I feel about my postpartum figure since giving birth. I kept giving myself the excuse that I JUST had a baby and that it would all eventually come off. Well, Belle is 5 months old now, and I can't say that there has been much shrinking in the past few months. In fact, I quit nursing more than 2 months ago, but I am still eating like crazed, hormonal, pregnant or nursing woman.

I realized that I had hit my breaking point when I was sitting on the couch watching a commercial about some resort in a warm place. I wasn't really paying attention to where it was, because I was irritated at all the skinny women in bikinis. I was annoyed because I knew they could enjoy themselves at whichever resort they were at without worrying about a roly poly belly, thighs that looked like they got hit with a waffle iron, or any of the other lovely things that happen to a woman's body when she gets pregnant, gives birth, and then nurses.

I promise this is not a "woe is me" blog. This is a "get your butt in gear, quit eating like crap, and do something about it" blog! I realize that I should be proud of the marks of pregnancy, as I gave up ownership to my body and housed my beautiful baby girl for 9 months. However, thinking about that doesn't make me any happier when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror when I get out of the shower!

I guess I was hoping that the constant running up and down the stairs with my fat-cheeked child or the crazy fast crocheting throughout the day would burn enough calories for me to lose a lot of weight. News flash: No matter how fast I crochet it will never make my abs look like this:

So, I have got to do something! I watched a commercial about P90X, but it scared me more than motivated me. I know a lot of people that are currently doing this, so maybe I actually could stick it out for 90 days. I actually defeat myself before I start something like this because I already start coming up with excuses as to why this won't work. As you may have noticed, I am not one who enjoys exercise, sticking to a diet or denying myself wonderful foods like cookies, chips, or Burger King chicken sandwiches. Seriously, though, bathing suit season is around the corner and I dread having to squeeze myself into those tiny pieces of spandex. Why can't everyone just wear moo-moos to the beach or the pool?

Anyway, so the point of this entire blog is probably more a motivation to myself than to let the world know that my flabby stomach is begining to annoy me. Hopefully I can get a little motivation to say "no" to the extra piece of cake and opt for more carrot sticks. Otherwise, I just might be wearing a moo-moo this summer.


Lindsy Griffis said...

Bets - you look great!! But I do understand the pressure of bathing suit season being just around the corner... I never gave birth and I'm STILL feeling like I gotta make something happen before I go out in public. LOL. Good luck! By the way - I love Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred... not as intense as P90X, but still very good!

Emily said...

I also love 30 day shred! It is so hard sometimes to find the motivation to get it together. It's amazing how just making a few small changes can make you feel WAY better. I think that knowing you're making an effort is almost as good as losing a couple inches here and there! I'm surprised though, crocheting didn't burn tons of calories? :)

e Daly said...

Besty- You can borrow my 30 day shred if you want. I won't be doing it for a couple of months :). You should do WW. You always do SO well on it and you don't have deal with a ton of workout anxiety. Plus the more you work out the more points you get!!!!