Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We had one amazing Christmas this year.  Belle was way more fun than last year as she ran around, ripped open gifts, and went from one toy to the next.  She enjoyed her time with her cousins and her Meme and Papa and Mema and Bepa.  She wasn't a fan, however, of Santa.  As you can see from the pictures, he literally terrified the poor child! 

Paul and I have felt very blessed in 2010.  Belle is an active girl with loads of personality.  She has kept us busy, but always smiling (usually!). I have been learning the ropes of life with a toddler and it has kept me on my toes!  Belle is in the fun stage of saying words and exploring her world.  She has figured out how to break/undo all of the safety locks on our cupboards, and can climb up and down the stairs with ease.  She also has no problem climbing onto the couch, the coffee table, our side tables, and anything else she can pull herself onto.  As you can see from the pictures, she loves her new Christmas gift and crawls through the tunnels and tents.  In 2011 I hope she learns the word "yes," as she is REALLY good at the word "no" right now. 

I have also made it through my first half of my internship and in 2011 I will actually be able to say "I graduate this year."  It has been a long haul and I can hardly believe that I am in the home stretch to completing my masters.  It's bizarre that I started the journey without a child, and now I have a one and a half year old.  How time flies!

Paul is still loving Meijer.  He has taken on a new role in Reverse Logistics (yeah, I am not real sure what reverse logistics is either) that has kept him busy, sometimes crazy, but mostly happy with his job.  We love Meijer!  The greeters at the Meijer behind our house actually know who I am due to my frequent visits.  I am sure it helps that I have a 15 month old who likes to wave and ham it up for everyone. 

My little crochet business has been doing well and I am amazed at how much it has grown in 9 months!  It definitely keeps me busy, and sometimes overwhelmed, but I love it.  I get so excited to see pictures of little ones with my hats on!  Some days I wonder if I am in over my head, but some how I am able to stay on top of my orders and it feels good to make some money on the side!

So, the Thompson house says "goodbye" to 2010 and "hello" to 2011.  We pray it is full of more blessings and  we are able to laugh through the struggles it may bring.  We also hope for blessings for your family too!

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