Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Talker (and stinker)

I wanted to make sure I documented this week with Belle.  I feel her language and ability to understand has progressed leaps and bounds in the past week.  She also had her first complete and utter temper tantrum.

First, the good stuff.  The other day she came downstairs in the morning and found a stick Mac had been chewing on the night before.  She immediately associated the stick with "Mac" and begin saying "Mac, are you?"  How adorable?  She was calling her favorite little buddy!  It was clear as day!  Good little sentence :-)  She has also mastered "pees (please)", "bite? (when she wants what I'm eating)," "banky (blanky)," "book," "cookie," "cacka (cracker)," "nigh-night," "apple," as well as others to add to her growing vocabulary.  She will also fake snoring and pretend to sleep, as well as put her finger up my nose when I ask her where my nose is.  This stage is so fun!

Now that Paul and I know Belle understands more we expect more of her....especially in the area of saying "please."  Today she wanted a bottle (yes, I know my daughter is 18 months and doctors say to get rid of it at 12 months.  I'm not real worried about her heading to college with her bottles, and at this point I'm fine with it).  Paul told her to say "please," of which she loudly responded, "no!"  She cried and cried and we told her she could have the bottle once she said "please."  I know she understands this because we have had the same situation in the past and she says "please."  Not this time!  Girl threw a fit.  Crying and throwing herself on the ground face down, kicking, and beside herself.  Once this went beyond a few minutes I realized that this was the time to start "time-out."  The first go wasn't the greatest, but in the end the score was Belle 0 Parents 1.  She never said "please," but she also never got her bottle either.  Whoop whoop!

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