Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So In Love

It is 100% true that it is possible to love another child. I know this is a fear of many 2nd time mommies, and I can boldly say that it is no problem!

Evie is a gem if a baby. I am actually holding my breathe waiting for her to get naughty. She is so content when she is awake and sleeps well. The girl goes for 7 hour stretches at night! She will fall asleep at 8 or 9 and wake up around 3 or 4. I have zero complaints! She has also made steps forward with taking bottles from Paul and I, as well as taking formula. Sorry Breastmilk Nazis, but my child will have both. This progress makes me feel like I can start having a bit more freedom to get back into my normal activities, as well as free Paul and I up to maybe go on a date soon. It is much needed. I think we have been feeling a bit holed up at home lately.

Belle is sleeping much better! She still takes a bit to fall asleep, but is doing much better. She has just begun to ask to hold Evie, so I feel the transition is going better. She helps give her her pacifier and her blankies. I love to watch her as a big sister.

I just told Paul today that I feel like I actually have more energy to finish things around the house than I did before Evie. Who knows why? It makes no sense, but sometimes I think it's because I wake up and hit the ground running everyday and once I get a momentum it's hard to slow down. Don't get me wrong....Evie, Belle, and I all napped today, but the mere fact that I have kept up on laundry has amazed me!

Other than motherhood, I've been getting Christmas shopping done. I want to kiss the creator of So easy. So simple. I can actually take the time to find what I want to buy someone, rather than rushing through Target and just grabbing random gift items because I have a wired toddler and a baby who is crabbing. I'm really excited about everyone's gifts this year because I was able to take the time to browse and decide to purchase.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and New Year!

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Amber said...

Betsy we will come over and watch the girls for you guys one night, if you want to go out. Carson and Belle can have their date and you guys can have yours. :)