Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family of Four

Evie is almost 3 weeks old now. It really has flown by already! Adjustment is still happening in the house, but we a figuring things out. Evie is a great baby. She is easy to soothe and LOVES to snuggle. I am relishing every bit of baby snuggles I get now before she gets to an age when she doesn't fall asleep in my arms anymore. Evie sleeps great at night....pretty much waking up once or twice. She is eating well and at her last appointment she was right on track!

Belle has been adjusting okay. Her sleeping is still a bit of a drama, but I am waiting it out in hopes that it changes. She is starting to get a bit of an attitude here and there, which may be part of her age as well. She is saying "no" more often, but overall she is doing well. She has been fairly weepy today, but I hope in a couple of months she is used to the entire transition.

So far my two biggest struggles are getting out of the house and taking care of Belle when I am nursing. Yesterday while I was nursing Evie, Belle climbed out if her chair from lunch, fell out, and the entire chair fell on top of her. Another time she jumped from the couch to the coffee table and hit her face resulting in a bloody lip. I know some women can move about while they nurse, but I am not capable! I'm fairly certain this is due to an insane chest size right now, but that's an entirely different issue!

As far as leaving the house, it is just a lot of rigamarole. Packing for two kids and getting them both in the car sometime seems like an entire event! Eventually I hope this becomes more second nature, but at the moment it is overwhelming! I'm hoping as Belle gets older she becomes more helpful with this.

Regarding my own adjustment to "mother of two," I am surprised at myself. I really feel that the second time around has been easier for me than the first time. I'm more laid back, less frantic when the baby cries, and it has come much more natural this time. I am really enjoying my two girls :).

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Heather Ross said...

Give yourself some does get easier. You will soon find little things unique to you and the girls to help you get out of the house easier and that will make every day life just a little bit more simple.

As far as taking care of Belle while breastfeeding...good luck! This will be a test in patience, flexibility and mobility for you!

Enjoy each crazy moment for those too will go by too quickly. You will come to look back at those moments as funny stories to tell, and the kids will LOVE to hear funny stories about me on that!!!!!

So let each day go by with an outlook that each day is new and will provide you with lots of smiles and stories of the blessings God has given you!

Have a great day Bets!!
Heather (Kyle' sister)