Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 Months (whoops, forgot to post this!)

Today Evie turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? There have been a lot of changes this month.

First, i have finished nursing. For being a SAHM, I had to supplement and pump way more than I should have for having the luxury of always having Evie there to nurse. I was working really hard to keep my milk supply up. It is bittersweet, but this month I weened Evie. My doctor told me I needed to be careful of post partum feelings when I quit nursing, and I understand why! It has been an emotional time for me. There is guilt over being done, as well as the sappy side of me that knows it is one more milestone for her that is complete. Nursing is done :(. At least I still have bags in the freezer to get her through a few more weeks.

Second, Evie has begun to like cereal more and started a couple of foods. She likes sweet potatoes A LOT! She does not like peas. She is also all for applesauce and pears.

Belle can make Evie laugh at the drop of a hat. She thinks Belle is hysterical, and Belle loves to play with her. It is adorable! Evie has also started to notice Mac and she watches him whenever he is near.

Evie is doing better at night and only waking up once finally! Thank goodness! We are still working on getting her to nap easier, but hopefully she gets there soon. At this point she shows no interest in any sort of movement (doesn't even roll over), and I'm perfectly okay with that!

We fall more in love with her everyday. She smiles nonstop and laughs at everything! Now for pics and videos.

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Lindsy said...

I totally understand the postpartum feelings about not nursing. I felt SO guilty with Jude, but it had just become a battle. I was ready for it to end and finally stopped at 6 months, but missed when it had been good. We'll see how long baby #2 nurses.

What a pumpkin though!!! She's seriously so cute. I love hearing that she loves Belle. I look forward to that with my two.