Thursday, April 19, 2012


Poor Belle. Being that she is one active child, she tends to find herself covered in multiple bumps and bruises. Her most recent injury takes the cake.

As many know, we have been struggling with Belle to stay in bed at night. This particular night, Paul sat outside of her door to walk her back to her bed if she came out of her room. Belle opened the door and saw Paul. She quickly turned to run back to her bed. Her room was dark and the poor girl didn't watch where she was going. She ran straight into the corner of her dresser.

Within seconds her eye bubbled up to the size of Mount Everest and she was crying screaming "my ball!". She could feel the huge swollen mass on her eye. Of course, as parents, your heart breaks when you see your kid in pain with one massive shiner. However, we were quick to bust out the camera to take pics and video. We didn't want to miss the opportunity for a picture of this for her wedding slideshow someday ;) It has been a week and the swelling is gone, but she has been left with a very purple eye and a big red spot on the white of her eye.

Thankfully, it no longer seems to bother her, but I must say I am a little embarrassed to bring her out in public!

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