Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Months

I can hardly believe that Evie is already half a year!  My, how time flies!

Evie is one happy baby.   So far she has been doing pretty good with eating.  She likes all fruits, all orange veggies, and I can sneak the green veggies to her if I mix them with a fruit or an orange veggie.  She usually wakes up once at night, but it tends to be sometime after 4am, which I am more than happy with!

Her napping is hit or miss.  Recently, she has finally started to give me 3 solid naps a day that are at least an hour each.  Cannot complain about that!  I do, however, look forward to when she is on two naps, so we have a bit more freedom to run around town.  I am sure Belle will be more than happy for this also!

She LOVES her sister still, and is probably one of the most easy babies to make smile.  I always know when Evie is real tired because she begins to laugh at EVERYTHING!  She babbles a ton and loves to screech while hanging out.  I'm getting the sense that she just likes to listen to herself.

The jumperoo, exersaucer, and playmat are all her favorite toys.  Basically, she just likes to hang out and watch everyone else around her. If she has a good seat she can be entertained for awhile!  Thankfully, she also enjoys watching Praise Baby here and there, which allows me to get things done around the house when she is up and Belle is napping.

Still no movement when it comes to rolling over!  LOL, what is it with my kids and having no interest it flipping around?  She will completely roll to one side and then roll back to her back.  Honestly, the thought of her really moving petrifies me, and I am not ready to be at the stage of following her around everywhere just yet.  She does, however, really want to sit up.  The poor girl is constantly pulling her head up and trying to sit up.  I think it's because she can be more nosy and see what everyone is doing :-)

Again, I cannot believe how fast 6 months has flown by!

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