Monday, May 21, 2012


Lately, Belle is the funniest person I know.  No joke.  Although this stage has been a tough one for us with her sleep issues, it has been so much fun because I can sit down and have a full conversation with her.  In case you haven't experienced it before, a conversation with a two and a half year old is hysterical.  My favorites of Belle tend to be her one-liners.  They come out of no where and Paul and I can't help but crack up.  Many of you have seen some of the best on Facebook, but I thought I needed to write these down so I don't forget!

1.  On the way home from Kalamazoo the other day, Evie kept spitting her pacifier out and crying.  I was getting exasperated and at one point said to myself "ugh, Evie, get your frickin' paci!"  The next time Evie started to cry I hear Belle in the backseat say "Ev!  Frickin' paci!"  Lovely.

2.  While putting the top to Belle's bathing suit on her she looks at her chest and says "Mama, look at my cute boo-boos! (boobs)"

3.  While walking in Target, we pass by the bra section.  Belle pulls one of the bras off and walks toward me with it.  I tell her to put it back and she says "Mama, this is for me.  Mama, this fit me?"  I am fairly certain it was in the "C" range, and I pray it never fits her!

4.  Again, while at Target, I told Belle we were headed there to buy some Spanx for a dress I have.  When we got into Target I saw someone I knew that I went to high school with.  Belle promptly says to her "We're gonna buy Spanx!"  Thanks, Belle.  Remind me never to tell you when we are buying any other sort of embarrassing, private things.

And the list continues....(after reading this, I realize she has an infatuation with undergarments and body parts a little bit)

Oh, and I am switching up the blog look eventually.  My header was all wrong and didn't even include Evie! It's a work in progress right now.

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