Friday, May 25, 2012


This has been a week of milestones all around for both my girls!  It's been one exciting week:

  1. Belle can finally pedal and steer her own bike (with training wheels)
  2. Belle not only was excited to swim in the pool, but was jumping in (with her life jacket on).  Last year she was petrified to be near the water without one of us holding on to her.  
  3. Evie is finally out of sleeping in the Rock N' Play cradle (she was sleeping in the cradle in the crib--I know, I know, but it was survival for awhile around here)
  4. Evie has graduated OUT of being swaddled!
  5. I know that Evie is almost 7 months and should be doing this already, but she FINALLY rolled over and has done so a few times this week!
  6. Last, but not least, Belle has been wearing her underwear most days lately and today we went to the mall with them on.  I knew it was a risk but figured we had to try it sometime.  I told her she HAD to tell me when she had to go to the bathroom, but assumed she would probably forget, so I brought a diaper and a change of pants.  While in JCPenney, she out of no where said "I got to go potty!"  We found the bathroom, she went, I cheered, and she told everyone on the way out of the store that that she went "potty on the potty."  We actually made up a song about it that I need to video and post.
I figured I post enough about the things I struggle with in parenting, that it was high time I posted about the successes we are celebrating around here!

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Amber said...

I like the positives! Go Evie, Go Belle, Go Mom! Pottying on the potty is a huge deal-I hope everyone at Penney's shared in her happiness. :)