Thursday, July 12, 2012

8 Months

Evie is 8 months!   Nothing real crazy and new to discuss this month.  She still isn't moving...although she has gotten really good at rolling around.  She is more than content to sit on the floor with toys in front of her.

She has started to feed herself here and there.  I sit her in her booster chair with some Cheerios or fruit, and she has done pretty good at feeding herself.  I am working on getting her to hold her own bottle.  Hopefully soon!

Evie still continues to be a not so great napper.  She fights it.  She cries and cries when I put her down, and sometimes we just nix the entire nap altogether.  She is much different than Belle in this area.  Evie easily sleeps at night, but her naps aren't the greatest.  Some days it makes me crazy, but thankfully she is a really happy baby even when she is tired.

Right now Evie's favorite things are to take a walk in the stroller, or watch other kids play around her.  She is easily entertained and finds most things hysterical.  She is not hard to get belly laughing at all!

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