Sunday, February 17, 2013

Growing Up

My girls are quickly growing up around here!

The most recent newsworthy event is that Belle has finally given up her pacifier!  I had been really talking up the Paci Fairy with her.  I told her how if she left all of her pacis on the table overnight the Paci Fairy would come pick them up and leave her a present.  The pacis would be given to new babies who didn't have pacis yet.  Belle was instantly interested when she realized she would get a gift. 

I was finally able to get Belle to make the plunge by letting her know that I spoke to the Paci Fairy and she promised to bring Belle two Barbies.  We even made a phone call to the Paci Fairy (thanks to my dad who played a pretty good fairy for us :-) ), and Belle told "her" she wanted to give up her pacis.

Our first night wasn't awful, but it sure broke my heart.  I put Belle to bed and as I sat downstairs I started to hear her cry.  She was crying to herself in her room and genuinely sad.  She said she went to find her paci and then realized it was gone and asked if she could have it for "this many more minutes" (while holding up five fingers).  I totally felt like she had said goodbye to a really good friend she had for the past three years.  She eventually fell asleep and we got through that first night.  The next morning she was MORE than thrilled with the Paci Fairy's gift.

Since then there have still been a few tears, but overall Belle has officially moved beyond her pacifiers.  Evie takes the same ones, and she hasn't even tried to sneak hers, although she did ask me if she could have one of Evies.  It has really not been as painful as I anticipated, and she has done so well!  Now, if we can only get her to quit peeing her pants....

As far as Evie goes, she has been quite the communicator lately!   Yesterday I brought her downstairs and as soon as she saw Paul she exclaimed, "Dada!"  Tonight she was crying in her crib and when I walked in her room she said "Mama!"  I truly believe she knows that those are our names, and it isn't just her babbling anymore. 

I am learning that Evie is a very headstrong child.  This may also be her age, but that girl can throw a tantrum.  I really need to video it some time, because it is quite the performance.  There is insanely loud screaming, a ton of stomping, arm waving, and throwing herself on the floor.  Really, I can't help but laugh.  Her tantrums are almost choreographed. 

Evie is learning to communicate to us what she wants more and more.  Today she brought me a water bottle and then walked over to the sink and made some whining noises to get my attention because she wanted me to fill it with water.  I LOVE that is is getting easier and easier to figure out what she wants.

My girls are growing quick. Each stage has its pros and cons.  Some stages I am happy to see pass, and there are others I feel a little bittersweet watching go.  Either way, I'm glad I get to hang with these crazy girls all day and get my own private concerts like this:

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